All Of These Insects Were Found In One Guy’s Ear

Earaches are the worst. Not only do they hurt, but the root of the problem is often difficult to diagnose and deal with. If you go poking around in there by yourself, you can cause serious damage.

That’s why most people only trust doctors with the task. One teenager in China was recently rushed to the emergency room after his earache became unbearable. What doctors found lurking in his ear canal is the stuff of nightmares.

Physicians were shocked to find several baby cockroaches in 19-year-old Li’s ear.


These babies weren’t orphans, either. Mom was in there with them.

The mother had apparently crawled into Li’s ear a month earlier to make a nest.


This is evidently a common problem. Here’s another guy with a bug family living in his ear.

This is why my mother always told me to wash behind my ears. I know that roaches are good at hiding in tight places, but I never thought that they’d be capable of this.