Gay couple breaks up after boyfriend wins Rand over the phone from his boyfriend and he refuses to share

Over the past few months, online games on mobile phones have become a big trend, making many people rich and also creating many good stories. And this story has to be the best!

27-year-old Rob Cullen was the perfect boyfriend. Loving, kind, attentive, caring and hard working. He was living together with his boyfriend in Pretoria, for a good 4 years already. They were happy and looked set for a good life together. At least it seemed so at the time, but when money was involved his true nature surfaced.

Most people have heard of it; the big trend of online casinos that is now underway. These online slot machines offer people a free starting bonus, but once you want to continue to play you have to pay.

Rob signed up for the free start bonus on one of the most popular casinos at present. When you register and deposit £10 you get 600 free ‘spins’ and up to £500 deposit bonus on the slot machine and he immediately used his first 20 without winning anything.

Later that evening while he was watching Netflix with his girlfriend Eve, he decided to give it another go. Another 10 attempts with no luck. His friend asked him what he was doing and grabbed the phone from him to give it a try. Nothing happened on the first attempt. Second time, again nothing. But on the third try when she pulled the lever, similar images appeared in a row next to each other and the amount of £465.443, – flashed brightly on the screen.

Rob said:”During my lunch break I deposited £20 play money on this website and won £465.443. This was, by far, the most beautiful moment in my life..”

Her friend grabbed the phone from her hands, thinking it was a joke and started clicking on the app. The moment he came to the checkout screen, he saw the same amount again with the option to collect the payout. He could still not believe it but quickly clicked on the button to see if it was really true.

He quickly went to his banking app to check his account. Only when he and his girlfriend saw the amount credited could they believe it. For a few minutes, they danced and jumped around the room with joy. Until the moment when Eve asked; “Will I get half of it?” did the situation turn around completely.

Rob felt that it was his phone and his profile with which the money was earned and that his girlfriend was therefore not entitled to half of the money. The day after they separated and Rob resigned from the bookstore.

Would you have shared the money? Or would you like Rob keep what is yours?


13 Cats Who Are So Done With Humans

1. Cats want us to know they’re not here to take selfies.


2. They’re not here to go on pleasant walks in the park.


3. They’d rather stay in a box than do all of our dirty work.


4. Unless it’s cold outside, THEN they want nothing more than to escape the confines of the human abode.


5. Cats don’t want unsolicited snuggles.


6. Seriously, if they wanted it, they’d come get it themselves.


7. They’re completely over humans putting things on their heads.


8. Completely.


9. New haircuts? Over that shit too.


10. Costumes? Get them the hell out.


11. Why do we feel the need????


12. They don’t necessarily like new friends


13. Even inanimate ones.


Weird Facts About Something You Do Every Single Day

We all need to sleep. If we didn’t sleep, we’d die. The number of hours we need per night is always up in the air, but the fact of the matter is that those who don’t get enough sleep are usually pretty miserable.

While it seems like a pretty simple activity, so many things happen while we sleep. Don’t believe me? Check these out.

1. Humans spend an average of 25 years sleeping over the course of a lifetime.


2. Parents of newborn babies miss out on roughly 6 months of sleep during the baby’s first 2 years of life.


3. The record for the longest period without sleep is 11 days.


4. Sleeping less than 7 hours each night reduces life expectancy.


5. Some deaf people sign in their sleep.


6. Lack of sleep can cause people to gain about 2 pounds a week.


7. It’s impossible to sneeze in your sleep.


8. Work hours are so insane in Japan that it’s normal for people to fall asleep on the job.


9. If you have trouble getting out of bed every morning, you’re suffering from something called dysania.


10. People sleep differently depending on the moon’s phases. We tend to sleep best under a new moon, and worst under a full moon.


11. Tibetan monks have been known to sleep standing up.


12. Pilots surveyed in the U.K. have admitted to falling asleep while flying passenger planes.


13. Believing that you’ve slept well improves performance, even if you didn’t get that much sleep.


14. Memories take hold better during sleep.


15. John Lennon used to sleep in an old coffin from time to time.


16. Studies show that students at schools with later start times perform better.


17. You burn more calories while sleeping than you do while watching television.


18. Sleep deprivation can impair judgment and slow reaction time.


19. Neuroscientists believe that babies don’t dream for the first few years of their lives.


20. Women experience more nightmares than men.


21. When in complete darkness, most people adjust to a 48-hour cycle: 12 hours of sleep, and 36 hours of activity.


22. Contrary to popular belief, the likelihood of eating even one spider in your lifetime while sleeping is slim to none.


23. About 8% of Americans sleep naked.


24. The average person in France sleeps 8.83 hours a night — the most in the developed world.


25. Morphine got its name from Morpheus, the God of Sleep, because morphine has a tendency to make people lethargic.


26. A baby’s brain can use up to 50% of its glucose in a day, which explains why they need so much sleep.


27. People who suffer from migraines, heart conditions, and sleep deprivation often experience nightmares.


I bet you didn’t know all of that! Now you’ll have a better appreciation for what’s going on while you’re sleeping.

Can’t Open Tough Packaging? All You Need Is 2 Quarters To Make It Easy

Is it just me or is packaging becoming harder and harder to open? We’ve all experienced the seemingly endless struggle to get a bag of our favorite chips open. Suddenly, a slight desire to satisfy a salty craving becomes a NEED…all because you can’t tear open that seal.

That’s why this simple trick is so handy. All you need is two quarters in order to open those pesky snack packs…

Never have a hard time with those tough packages again. This trick rids you of that trouble for the rest of time!

Lullabies Sound Great, But When You Hear These 12 Songs, You Won’t Sleep For Days

When you were little, you most likely sang “Ring Around the Rosy” on the playground without a care in the world. But as you grew older, you probaby learned that the seemingly harmless rhyme was actually about the Black Death. This obviously gives the tune a more ominous tone.

These rhymes and lullabies, however, are pretty upfront about their inherent horror. Most of them deal with illness, death, and a monster that, for no particular reason, will come and eat you. Thankfully, most kids don’t pay any mind to the words until they’re old enough to realize that mythical, man-eating beasts don’t actually exist. Still, the fact that these things are directed at children is a little disturbing.

1. “Nana Nene” is a Brazilian lullaby about a crocodile who will haunt your child’s nightmares.


Hush little baby/Cuca is coming to get you/Papa went to the fields/mama went to work.

Black-faced ox/Come grab this child/Who is scared of grimaces.

Bogeyman/Get off the roof/Let this child sleep peacefully.

2. “Duermete Mi Niño” is a Spanish lullaby in which a wolf-like creature is said to torture and eat children.


Sleep little one/Sleep already/Or the Coco will come and take you away.

Sleep little one/Sleep already/Or the Coco will come and eat you up.

3. “Dodo Titit” is a Hatian lullaby featuring a killer crab.


Night-night little mama/Night-night little mama/If you don’t sleep/the crab will eat you/If you don’t sleep/the crab will eat you.

Your mama isn’t here/she went to the market/Your papa isn’t here/he went to the river/If you don’t sleep/the crab will eat you/If you don’t sleep/the crab will eat you.

4. “Bayu Bayushki Bayu” is yet another lullaby about a wolf, this time from Russia.


Sleep sleep sleep/Don’t lie too close to the edge of the bed/Or little grey wolf will come/And grab you by the flank/Drag you into the woods/Underneath the willow root.

5. In an Italian lullaby called “Ninna Nanna,” pretty much everyone is out to get you.


Ninna nanna, ninna oh/To whom shall I give this baby?

If I give it to the old hag/She’ll keep it for a week.

If I give it to bogeyman/He’ll keep it for an entire year.

If I give it to the while wolf/He’ll keep it for a long time.

Lullaby sleep fairies/Send my baby to sleep.

6. On the island of Java, children fear the lullaby of “Lelo Ledung,” which tells of a scary giant coming to snatch them in the night.


Please hush, don’t keep on crying/My child with a lovely face. If you cry, you won’t look as beautiful.

I pray that you can live honorably/Be a woman of high importance/Bring honor to your parents’ name/Be a warrior of your country.

Please hush, my child/There/The moon is full/Like the head of a scary giant/One who’s looking for a crying child.

Tak lelo…lelo…lelo ledung/Please hush, my beautiful child/I am carrying you in a “kawung” batik sling/If you keep on crying, you’ll make me nervous.

7. In Iceland, the lullaby “Bíum, Bíum, Bambalóu” speaks of a ghostly presence.


Beeum, beeum, bambalow, bambalow and dillidillidow/My little friend I lull to rest/But outside/A face looms at the window.

8. Also of Icelandic origin, the tale of “Sofðu Nú Svínið þItt” is just plain creepy.

The Well at Kom Ombo

Sleep, you black-eyed pig/Fall into a deep pit of ghosts.

9. The “Highland Fairy Lullaby” from Scotland guarantees that parents will lose their children one day. Fun times!


I left my baby lying there, lying there, lying there/I left my baby lying there/To go and gather blaeberries.

Ho-van, ho-van gorry o go/Gorry o go, gorry o go/Ho-van, ho-van gorry o go/I’ve lost my dearest baby-o.

I saw the little yellow fawn/But never saw my baby.

I traced the otter on the lake/But could not trace my baby.

Ho-van, ho-van gorry o go/Gorry o go, gorry o go/Ho-van, ho-van gorry o go/I never found my baby-o.

10. Malaysian singer Zee Avi decided to create “Lima Anak Ayam,” a lullaby about dying baby chicks.


Five chicks/One chick dies/One chick dying leaves four.

11. The Norwegian lullaby “Kråkevisa” is about a dead cow.


…then he skinned the cow and cut her in pieces/she weighed near sixteen and twenty pounds

From the pelt he made twelve pair of shoe/she gave the best pair to Mother/

And the meat he salted in vessels and barrels/and preserved the tongue for the Yule meal.

From the entrails he made twelve pair of rope/and the claws he used for dirt-forks/

And the beak he used for a church-boat/that people could sail both to and fro.

And the mouth he used for grinding grain/and he made the ears into trumpets.

And from the eyes he made glass for the hall/and the neck he placed on the church for decoration.

12. Turkish lullaby “Incili Bebek Ninnisi” lulls children to sleep with soothing tales of a ritualistic camel sacrifices, among other things.


Above black eagles wheeling/All of a sudden swooping/My little baby stealing/Sleep, little baby, sleep.

Above black eagles soaring/A crown of pearls left lying/Your stupid father snoring/Sleep, little baby, sleep.

Above black eagles flying/My little baby clutching/And all the world a-spying/Sleep, little baby, sleep.

Above black birds ascending/My baby’s flesh a-rending/And all the world attending/Sleep, little baby, sleep.

(via Mental Floss)

If you didn’t hear these growing up, congrats! You probably had a slightly happier childhood. Probably.


This Silly Puppy Has The Strangest Plaything Ever, But It’s Really Adorable

Sometimes when you’re little, it’s hard to tell what’s for playing, and what’s not. For dogs, that confusion pretty much lasts a lifetime. They end up stealing shoes, TV remotes, and apparently cleaning implements, like this silly doggie does, for playtime.

He seems to be having a seriously good time!

Whatever makes you happy! As long as he doesn’t destroy the broom, so Mom and Dad can clean up after his shenanigans!

Shakes The Kitten Is A Little Different, But To Us, She Is Perfect

It’s easy to see where Shakes the kitten got her descriptive moniker from as soon as you meet her. She has a neurological condition known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia. Basically, it causes her to be in a constant state of tremors and shaking.

But what really makes the sweet girl so special is how she refuses to let that stop her from enjoying her life. She is just as playful as any other eight-week-old and tackles the adventures of the world head-on. Shakes was rescued by World For All, a shelter in Mumbai, India, that helps stray animals find homes.

Watch the video to see all of her sweet personality:

Shakes may be a little clumsier than the average kitten, but that only makes her that much cuter. Whichever lucky human brings her home will have a lifetime of happiness with this sweetie around.

If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful organization, visit their website, or you could also considerdonating.


An Australian Zoologist Discovered A Mutated Version Of The Venomous Funnel Web Spider

Mark Wong, an invertebrate zoologist from Australian National University, was doing whatever zoologists do when he stumbled upon a mutated version of the funnel web spider. The little lady he found was in the Tallaganda State Forest in New South Wales.

Typically, funnel web spiders are a (terrifying) shade of jet black.


But this one had a bright red fang and belly. (Oh, great. Spiders are getting even creepier.)

Funnel-web spiders are venomous, but there have thankfully been no fatalities since the development of anti-venoms.

Wong isn’t certain what caused the striking red pigmentation, but he suspects it was the result of a genetic mutation. (There’s no word on whether or not the spider was irradiated and its bite would transform the victim into a superhero.)

“Finding new and innovating ways to make human beings uncomfortable.” –A spider’s mission statement.




This Multi-Species Cuddlefest Will Overwhelm You With Its Cuteness

Nearly every living creature can appreciate affection. There are always exceptions, but when you look at cats, dogs, birds, cows, and other domesticated animals…it’s easy to see they love companionship.

Take these farm animals for example. They are taking part in a multi-species cuddlefest and — obviously — are loving every second of it.

The man who’s a part of this pile is the luckiest guy on Earth.

It’s hard not to feel ridiculously happy after seeing such joyous creatures. Spread the love and share this with others!

When Everyone Thought This Fox Was Dead, A Kind Soul Gave Her A Chance

Busy highways are no place for wild animals to be wandering around nearby. Unfortunately, the poor things still find themselves the victims of unintentional road rage all too often.

That was the sad case for this sweet fox found by side of the road. She was barely breathing and her rescuers weren’t sure if she would recover. They considered humanely putting her down and out of her misery, but a miracle happened instead.

The woman who found her contacted the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary for assistance.


Volunteer drivers arrived and carefully rushed the fox to their facilities.


They immediately began treating her injuries, which included a head wound, and hoped for the best.


Now going by Tammy, the cutie continued to grow stronger every day.


And soon enough, she was able to stand on her own four paws again!


She even made a new fox friend, Todd, who was also recovering from automobile-inflicted injuries.desktop-1441723310[1]

Watch the video for more of her incredible recovery:

Thank goodness for all the kind people who refused to give up on this sweet girl. All she needed was a fighting chance to prove just how strong she is.