5 Extremely Venomous Spiders That Will (Rightfully) Send You Running In The Other Direction

Thanks to anti-venoms and modern medicine, most people in the United States don’t need to fear for their lives around spiders…but that doesn’t change the fact that, if you were wandering around the Australian outback, you might just end up getting bit by a spider. And that spider may be very, very venomous.

Not all of them are from Australia, but that’s not exactly comforting. These guys are everywhere.

These spiders will not teach a pig how to read. They will most likely only want to kill you.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for frantically fleeing from any and all spiders in the future.

This Pit Bull Puppy Was Found Wandering The Streets Alone And Starving

When rescuers from the North Shore Animal League in New York saw this poor, sweet pit bull puppy come through their doors, they were speechless. At only seven months old, she was barely surviving on her own, wandering the streets.

But even though her circumstances were unfortunate, her spirit was far from broken.

She greeted the vet team with a wagging tail and plenty of smooches.


But behind those sweet eyes was a seriously malnourished pup.


She was also suffering from demodex mites which caused skin lesions.


They treated and carefully monitored her over the next few weeks.


It was important to make sure she didn’t get overeager with her food and cause more issues.


And soon she was up 12 lbs and skin lesion-free!


Hear more about her incredible recovery here:

Blossom is currently being fostered by an employee from the shelter while they continue to keep a close eye on her as her strength grows. You can help the North Shore Animal League assist more adorable pups like her by making a donation.


This Terrifying Fish Is Making A Comeback In England…And They’re Happy About It

When you think of the world’s most terrifying fish, you probably think of sharks, right? Well, I regret to inform you that the world’s scariest fish is actually the bloodsucking lamprey. The lamprey can be found all over the world, but over the years, populations in England have plummeted.

While some might call that a victory, the English see it as a tragedy. Lampreys were once an English delicacy. Unfortunately, outside factors like pollution have taken a toll on these critters. With the help of environmentalists, however, the species is making its way back to the region.

Lampreys are among the oldest vertebrate creatures in the world.

A Pacific Lamprey in a rests in swift current by suctioning onto bedrock.

Evidence suggests that they’ve been lurking around in our waters since before the dinosaurs even showed up.

With the Industrial Revolution came devastating pollution, and fish populations suffered as a result.

Cheboygan River Sea Lamprey Trap Site, Bruce Eldridge, Renwood Pilarski

That’s why the lamprey disappeared from English dinner tables for almost two centuries.

A freshly released a Pacific Lamprey suctions onto the smooth glass of an underwater camera dome, demonstrating its ability to easily rest between swimming bursts in swift currents. This fish is one of hundreds that have been released into Snake River tributaries in Nez Perce lands over the last decade.

But now, they’re making a comeback.

Just to give you an idea of how important these fish used to be in England, it’s said that King Henry I died after gorging himself on fresh lamprey.



They have English conservationists to thank for their miraculous return.

A Pacific Lamprey moves a small stone from its nest, or redd.

But if you’re eager to get out there and catch your own English lamprey, we have some bad news. They are currently listed as a protected species in England, and fishing for them could result in jail time.

(via The Daily Telegraph)

I’m not one to buy into stereotypes, but I will say that traditional English food is pretty terrible. That’s why it’s completely unsurprising to learn that these folks just love a good lamprey supper.

Remember That Time In History When People Tried To Domesticate Zebras? Us Either

In the early 1900s, English colonizers discovered a strange new animal which resembled the horses they knew back home, but with a dash of pizzazz: the zebra. They were, of course, intrigued by their new equine findings and set out to domesticate the wild animals for transportation.

As you probably noticed due to the lack of documentation in history books, the attempt didn’t really take off. Though zebras do share a lot in common with their horse cousins, and have added benefits like a resistance to diseases carried by tsetse flies, they simply couldn’t be completely tamed.

But you can’t say it’s for lack of trying. These historical photos provide a glimpse of what you might have seen on your commute back in the day.

Imagine your cabbie rolling up with one of these fellas.

A zebra and trap and a London tram vie for business in Brixton.   (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

Just your average traffic jam in 1935.

7th December 1935:  A motorist pauses as Laffin Leslie, an 18-year-old dwarf, guides Jimmy, the 'only rideable zebra in the world', across a road in Berkshire.  (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

“I could do this in my sleep.”


This is how Dr. Rosendo Ribeiro took house calls in Kenya.


Adventure seeker Osa Johnson always kept it classy in black-and-white, shown here in 1924.


This was taken around 1930 in Calcutta, India.

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1930:  A zebra as horse substitute pulling a carriage in Calcutta, Photograph, India, Around 1930  (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)  [Zebra als Pferde-Ersatz bei einer Kutsche in Kalkutta, Photographie, Indien, Um 1930]

Walter Rothschild made sure the royals took notice when he rode up to Buckingham Palace.


A couple of soldiers from Germany’s calvary of colonial force in East Africa, 1911.


It is kind of a bummer that it didn’t work out. How cool would it be to ride one of these to your office? It’s almost like they were the snazzy new sports car of the early 20th century.

Of course, we’re also grateful they weren’t able to be tamed because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see them in all their wild glory.

This Cat And His Pig Friend Have The Cutest Interspecies Friendship Around

One of my favorite things in the world is unusual friendships between animals. It’s just so adorably magical when two animals that normally wouldn’t befriend each other become the best of buds.

One amazing example of unlikely BFFs is the amazing bond that Moritz the pig shares with Leonardo diCatzio. Watch as the purring cat cuddles with and strokes his snoring pig friend.

I bet these two are going to have some pretty exciting and awesome adventures together. In fact, someone call Hollywood. I think I might have a movie idea!

When This Tough Bulldog Encounters A Bug, His Reaction Is Hilarious

We all have our phobias. Rational or not, they can turn us into big babies. This poor bulldog, for instance, clearly has an issue with anything creepy or crawly. Not that we can blame him.

He tries to keep a brave face while confronting the scary, squiggly thing…but it still gets the best of him. This reaction is priceless.

Hey, I’m sure you’re not super graceful when you’ve got the heebie-jeebies either.

A Farmer Spotted 2 Bucks Stuck Together And Decided To Come In And Help

Sometimes deer bucks get a little too rowdy when they horse around with each other. Because of their massive antlers, they can become stuck together. It’s a very unfortunate occurrence when that happens as it usually leads to death. You see, the bucks don’t know how to get untangled once their antlers are entwined.

That’s why when this farmer saw two bucks twisted up for an entire day, he knew he had to step in. At first they resisted…but just watch what

Those bucks couldn’t get away fast enough! A simple “thank you” would have been nice! I guess their deer momma didn’t teach them manners.

What a kind farmer to help some furry friends in need.

She Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill But Had A Long Road Of Recovery Ahead

For twelve long years, this small, sweet girl spent her life confined to a cage and in a constant cycle of pregnancy and neglect as the victim of a puppy mill in Portugal. Skinny and malnourished, a rescue organization finally came to her aid after so many years of sadness.

Unfortunately, those years took a harsh toll on the precious pup. At the time of her rescue, she was suffering from leishmania, glaucoma, ingrown nails, tumors, and muscular atrophy, making it impossible for her to walk. The rescue organization began treating her for each ailment and searching for a loving home to make her part of their family.

Now going by Little Belle, she has fought her way from the brink of death to live a happy life in the Netherlands with her human, Irene. Her journey will make your heart ache, but knowing how strong she is and how much happier she is now will warm it right back up again.

This was the first heartbreaking image Irene saw of the sweet girl.


She was understandably scared and skittish of all human contact.


This was after the first of several surgeries.

Once she was well enough to travel, she made the long flight from Portugal to the Netherlands.


Finally in the arms of her forever human.

Her nervous nature started to fade as she became more comfortable with her new family.


Here she is with her brother, Benji.

And soon she was as playful and free-spirited as any other pup!


However, she still had a lot of health concerns to address.


The glaucoma caused so much pressure that the only solution was to remove both her eyes.

The stress from the initial eye surgery caused her to have a heart attack, but the second procedure went much smoother.


And it hasn’t stopped her from being super cute, of course.

She still enjoys the best life has to offer!


She’ll always need constant monitoring and treatment.


But Irene will never give up on this sweet little fighter.


Nothing can stop this happy face from embracing all the love in her life.


Watch the video to learn more about Little Belle’s incredible journey:

No dog should suffer as much and for as long as Little Belle did in her cruel puppy mill cage. Happiness shouldn’t be such an uphill battle for any four-legged friend, but thank goodness there are so many kind humans dedicated to making sure the cuties find their way.

You can follow Little Belle on her Facebook page for more information, updates, and adorable photos.

It’s Literally Raining Spiders In Brazil, Which Means THE END IS NIGH!!!

What would your first reaction be if you looked at the sky and saw that it was full of spiders? I know what mine would be: RUN!

Then again, I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to spiders. However, this event actually happened a couple of years back in the southern Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina.

During the summer of 2013, residents awoke to find that hundreds of spiders had decided to make a new home in the power lines over their town.


The terrifying culprits were these anelosimus spiders.


What makes anelosimus spiders interesting is that they’re social spiders.

Sans nom-134

Large groups of them work together to create what are known as “sheet webs.” In these sheet webs, spiders cooperate and work in teams to catch food for the whole colony. The photo above shows what an anelosimus sheet web looks like in the wild.

Normally, these colonies create their webs in forests and jungles.

gaint webs of social spiders on the Matamata R.      Anelosimus eximius approx.

Yet sometimes, as was the case in Santo Antônio da Platina, a colony will make its way near humans and set up on power lines.


If you’re not too squeamish, take a look at some footage of the massive sheet web in Santo Antônio da Platina.

Ok, so it’s not the spider-pocalypse, but that is still pretty darned freaky. I’m all for being a lover of mother nature. I would just prefer that nature stay where it is and not follow me home — especially if it involves spiders.

He Just Wanted To Film A Nature Documentary, But This Bird Would Not Cooperate

David Attenborough is a famous English broadcaster who has received widespread acclaim for his interesting and poignant documentaries. He is also a dedicated naturalist, a person who studies nature and animals. Recently, he decided to combine the two loves and he put together a few nature documentaries.

While he was filming one called Attenborough’s Paradise Birds, he came across a feathered critter who was particularly…uncooperative. The bird kept interrupting Attenborough and it led to this hilarious confrontation.

Poor David Attenborough. He just wanted to highlight the beauty and fantastic nature of this bird and it just wouldn’t cooperate. He handles the constant interruptions very well. I suppose that’s what separates the pros from the amateurs. Take notes, kids.