As Soon As They Toss A Soccer Ball Into His Enclosure, This Lion Goes Nuts! OCTOBER 13, 2015 — B

Pelé, David Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo can all take a seat. We’ve found the world’s new best soccer player and, to be honest, he’s way cuter than all three of them combined.

Triton lives at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa. The majestic lion shares his enclosure with seven female lions, but none of the babes can get his attention when this athletic big cat gets his eyes on a soccer ball. He also refuses to share with them, instead preferring to show off all his sick moves solo.


They Found These Kittens Stuck In An Unlikely Place — Watch Their Amazing Rescue

While looking for a safe place to have a litter of kittens, one silly kitty mom decided that the exhaust pipe of a restaurant was the best place to raise her new family. As you can imagine…it wasn’t.

When the owners of the restaurant hadn’t noticed the mom around for two days and the cries of the kittens getting louder they decided to call the good people at Animal Aid Unlimited. Rescuing the five babies was quite the task, as they had to cut through the metal shell of the exhaust pipe to reach the teeny, helpless kittens. It’s a good thing they did though, since two of the kittens were in critical condition and wouldn’t have survived another moment in there.

I’d hate to think what would have happened to these poor babies if no one had heard their cries.

If you’d like to help make more incredible rescues like this one possible, please consider donating to Animal Aid Unlimited here.

All This Pup Wants Is Some Loving, And He’ll Do Anything To Get It

For this pooch, getting attention from his humans is no small feat. It seems like he just can’t get these people to show him some love! While nuzzling up to them might work any other day, he had to resort to more drastic measures this time.

Watch this pup in all his adorable glory in the video below.

Hey, if they didn’t want him to be so ridiculous, they probably should’ve just snuggled with him. And I don’t blame him for giving up. How could anyone possibly ignore such an elaborate show?

When It’s This Pug Dad’s Turn To Ride The Motorcycle, He Does NOT Want To Be Bothered

When a little boy was playing with his pair of pugs, a dad and a son, something adorably hilarious happened. He was driving them around using his tiny motorized scooter…when suddenly, his pups began fighting for the best cruising seat.

At one point, dad “accidentally” pushed his boy off…and the reactions will make you LOL.

A dad might be willing to give up ride after ride to his kid, but sooner or later….it’s DAD’s turn.

His Human Was Feeling Sad, So This Dog Did The Sweetest Thing

The bonds that we form with our pets can be extraordinarily strong. It’s like they’re in tune with our feelings, and can tell when we’re feeling down.

In this video, an adorable dog named Noah can tell that his mom is feeling a bit sad, so he jumps on her lap and shows her how deeply she’s loved.

How could anyone in the world not adore dogs? They just have so much love to give! This lady is lucky to have such a faithful companion.