This Medical Video Makes Limb-Lengthening Procedures Look Incredibly Painful

When we hear the unfortunate news that we have to go undergo a medical procedure, we don’t often think about what is actually happening while we’re under the knife. For example, if you’re having your tonsils removed, you don’t typically think about the doctor slicing your throat open to remove a diseased organ.

The same goes for limb-lengthening procedures. If you’re about to go through one of those, it’s probably best not to think about how doctors are about to cut open your joints, break your bones, and then slowly stretch your broken limbs over the course of several months. You also should avoid virtual demonstrations of the procedure…like this one, for example.

(via Reddit)

Now my knees hurt. While the initial procedure can be completed in a day, the entire lengthening process can take months. During that time, the patient is in quite a bit of pain, and also has to relearn how to walk at the end of it. I don’t think I’d be up for any of that.

5 Seriously Genius Life Hacks For Anyone Who Owns A Coffee Mug

If you’re anything like me, you grab a cup of coffee every morning from the same mug. All the others stay in the cabinet, just begging to be used.

That’s why when tomorrow rolls around and you’re having your morning joe, remember these five cool coffee cup hacks. From keeping your kitchen knives sharp to poaching some tasty eggs to eat with your cappuccino, you’ll finally have a reason to use all your mugs!

Who knew a coffee mug could have so many extra uses? Which one will you try first?

Can’t Open Tough Packaging? All You Need Is 2 Quarters To Make It Easy

Is it just me or is packaging becoming harder and harder to open? We’ve all experienced the seemingly endless struggle to get a bag of our favorite chips open. Suddenly, a slight desire to satisfy a salty craving becomes a NEED…all because you can’t tear open that seal.

That’s why this simple trick is so handy. All you need is two quarters in order to open those pesky snack packs…

Never have a hard time with those tough packages again. This trick rids you of that trouble for the rest of time!

She Knew She Was About To Succumb To Cancer, So She Wrote Herself An Obituary

The battle against cancer is harrowing and difficult. Those who come out healthy on the other side are often considered heroes, as they should be. But those who lose the fight against this horrible disease are just as heroic. Their battles are no less meaningful or moving.

Seema Jaya Sharma was one of those people. After fighting cancer for six years, she finally succumbed to the relentless illness. When she knew that hope for survival was lost, she decided to write her own obituary on Facebook.

Even though Seema battled cancer for many years before passing away from it, she didn’t let it stop her from having a fun and fulfilling life.


She loved going out with friends and bringing joy to others.


But after 6 years of battling and fighting, Seema finally passed away from the cancer. She never lost her positive spirit though, even in the end, she left people smiling.


Her final status update on Facebook read as follows…

“My mum passed away today at 14:10

and she wrote this as her final status….she wanted her last words to be ‘I got 21seconds to go!!! hehe :P)

This is me.. SEEMA Jaya Sharma. My son will keep you updated of when the funeral is etc and please come in bright colours coz you’re not coming to mourn my death but to celebrate my life!! Please keep me alive through you good times and every time you laugh or smile and have fun, i’m right there having fun with u!!! YAY!!! don’t cry for me argentina….the truth is that i didn’t even know where u are on the map!! Geography was never my strong point!! :S. Anyway this is me saying ‘peace out people’ if a bird poos on ur head, that’s just me saying ‘yo man’ and if i really like u then i might just come haunt you to create ur own kinda bird poo innit!!! hehe!! LOVE YOU!!! MWAH xxx

Oh theres gonna be a wake after too (location will be confirmed) and I would prefer it if nobody goes to my house between now and the funeral. TANKOOOOOOOO xxx colourful clothes please!!! We’re celebrating!!! WOOOHOOOO xxx”

(via Facebook)

It’s clear that she never lost her sense of humor along the way. After all, there’s something to be said for requesting a celebration of life instead of a day full of mourning. Her obituary is proof that this woman always left happiness in her wake.

This Restaurant Appetizer Is SO GOOD…And You Don’t Have To Dine Out To Get It!

If you’ve ever had a blooming onion, you know how delicious they are. The combo of salty and sweet, crunchy and cooked through — they’re basically the perfect appetizer. The sad thing is, though, they’re typically reserved for restaurant menus…until now. Making one of these crispy apps is easier than you think:

I started drooling before it was even done frying. If you want to make a dipping sauce, this is a good option.

I’m making this tonight — what about you?

A Day At The Zoo Became Incredibly Adorable When This Toddler Met A Baby Gorilla

Going to the zoo is a big moment in a toddler’s life. It’s where they first experiences most animals, hear wild sounds, and see some pretty amazing things. Parents love it because they can do all this without having to worry about an unpredictable animal attacking their child.

But sometimes, if you’re super lucky, you don’t just get to see magical things, you get to be a part of them. For instance, when this toddler met his first baby gorilla, they immediately start playing a game of hide-and-seek…needless to say, it’s the cutest thing ever.

That’s what’s great about children! They don’t care who they’re with, they just want to play. Adorably, you can also see how great their parents are: the gorilla’s guardian is watching over him as he plays and the little boy’s parent is video taping it for the world to witness.

These Fishermen Never Expected To Reel In This Cute Of A Catch

Two fishermen out on Alabama’s Warrior River were probably expecting a much different catch of the day, but thank goodness they were there to nab these cuties instead.

The teeny-tiny kittens found the strength to swim across the waters and right up to the boat, meowing and begging for safety. As one fisherman says in the video, they were likely left there by “some jacka**” who decided to toss the precious little guys away like trash.

Lucky for them, not all humans are so cruel.

I’m just so glad the sweet things are such good swimmers, but here’s hoping they never have to fight their way upstream again.

These Foods Are Considered Chinese Delicacies, But We Recommend Going With Your Gut

Let me start off by saying that I definitely can’t claim to be a foodie, since I’ve pretty much only eaten Eggo waffles for the past two weeks. In fact, I’ve been picked on for quite some time now for my lack of culinary curiosity. I suppose that I just enjoy sticking to what I know and love.

And based on Kevin Munns’ Chinese food blog, I have never been more confident about my tendency to stay in that comfort zone. In other words, you probably won’t be able to make me “l’eggo my Eggo.” Once you see these foods, you’ll understand why.

1. Dried starfish


2. Dried chicken


It’s extra crispy.

3. Dried octopus


I’m noticing a trend.

4. Dried lizard


5. Pig colon


6. Pig ears


7. Pig stomach


8. Pig brain


Well, at least we know that they’re not wasteful.

9. Pig heart


10. Pigeon


11. Turtle soup


12. Snails


13. Duck tongue


14. Frogs


15. Congealed duck blood



Watch As The Least Suspecting Animal In The Ocean Hunts And Devours Its Prey

When you think of oceanic horrors, starfish aren’t exactly the first creatures on your list. But like all other animals, starfish need to carve out their own little place on the food chain. I just had no idea how threatening these unassuming critters could be. Unfortunately for us, someone caught their savagery on film.

Feel free to watch in horror as a pack of ravenous starfish descends upon these poor, defenseless mussels.

Can you imagine if starfish hunted in packs on land? I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that everything in the ocean is out to get me, and now that I’ve seen this, I know for sure. I’ll be sticking to the sand from now on.

With Just Some Solo Cups And A Bin, You’ll Never Break Another Ornament Again

It may still feel like summer, but school is starting and before you know it, the holidays will be here! If that’s code for dealing with way too much family for your liking, we can’t help you there. We can, however, solve one common Christmas problem: storing your ornaments easily. Check out the video below for the simplest solution!

Gone are the days of torn tissue paper, cardboard boxes, and other subpar packing solutions. Solo cups are so cheap and last forever!