He Was Exploring His Childhood Home When He Found The Source Of His Nightmares

Have you ever gone back to your childhood home and realized how different it was from what you remembered? Maybe the new owners put up a fence or repainted the house, which would explain it. The difference, however, usually just comes from us being older and wiser.

But what if you went back to visit your childhood home and discovered something that had been there all along, but that you had never noticed as a kid growing up. That’s exactly the situation that Redditor Elveciofound himself in earlier this week.

After not living there for 12 years, Elvecio returned to his childhood home to see it one more time before his parents sold it.


While exploring the nearly empty house, he found his way to his parents’ old bedroom.


“The old closet looks a lot bigger than I remember,” Elvecio thought.


On the inside wall, however, was a door Elvecio didn’t remember being there. When he was a kid, it was just a regular wall.


He had to open it and see what was behind.


He found a creepy empty hallway.


If the existence of a mystery hallway wasn’t bad enough, there were also a bunch of locked doors in it.


Elvecio’s father was well aware of this secret passage and intentionally sealed it off before Elvecio was born. At least that’s the official story…


That is terrifying on so many levels. Just imagine being a little kid and accidentally stumbling on a secret, creepy hallway in your own home. That would have been traumatic. Still, I think accidentally discovering it years later isn’t much better…


What These Two Acrobat Brothers Do In Their Spare Time Will Drop Your Jaw

Watching professional gymnasts compete is amazing because — honestly — how many people are that strong and have that much control over their body? (Answer: not many.)

That’s why millions of people are in awe of these young brothers and their insane acrobatic routine. When adults pull off these stunts, it’s one thing. But kids? It’s even cooler.

These guys are known as the Yeneta brothers and they are seriously impressive.

The video was originally shared on Facebook by Frank Medrano this week. It’s no wonder everyone is blown away by what these kids can do.


This Silly Puppy Has The Strangest Plaything Ever, But It’s Really Adorable

Sometimes when you’re little, it’s hard to tell what’s for playing, and what’s not. For dogs, that confusion pretty much lasts a lifetime. They end up stealing shoes, TV remotes, and apparently cleaning implements, like this silly doggie does, for playtime.

He seems to be having a seriously good time!

Whatever makes you happy! As long as he doesn’t destroy the broom, so Mom and Dad can clean up after his shenanigans!

These Two Raccoon Brothers Adorably Fight While Playing In A Pool

As the younger of two siblings, I’ve had to deal with my older brother always believing he “knows best.” In fact, it’s hard to have a conversation with him where he doesn’t mention that fact at least once.

When you see these hilarious raccoons, you’ll understand that they have to be related. While one dives right into the pool they find, his (probably older) brother is too nervous to join in and desperately tries to get his rule-breaking relative back on dry land.

Watch the whole adorable moment here:

Man, he just doesn’t know how to have fun! Rules are obviously meant to be broken…especially when you’re that cute!

When People Hear What Their Loved Ones Think Of Them, They Collapse Into Tears

Thinking about how successful you are in life can be a pretty daunting task. Self-evaluation is always rough. Many people are their own toughest critics, and if they aren’t where they want to be immediately, it makes them feel like failures.

The people in this video face that feeling every day. They haven’t reached their ultimate goals yet, so they feel defeated, which is clear when you see how they rate their own success. But when their loved ones were asked to evaluate them on the same scale, they had no idea what to expect.

What a touching thing to see. Hopefully this project will help you realize that you’re a hero in the eyes of those who love you.

He Was Having A Normal Day…Until Something Crashed Through His Roof

We’ve all been here before: you’re relaxing, watching TV, and playing on your phone when something startles you. It could be a knock, a noise, or a pet moving around, but the one thing that all of these disturbances have in common is that they’re completely unwelcome.

One man in China’s Shanxi Province recently experienced this jarring phenomenon…only instead of a run-of-the-mill sound, he experienced the unholy din of a rocket engine falling through his roof.

The engine is thought to have come from a craft that recently launched a satellite into orbit.


According to U.K. publication SinoDefense, “Debris fell into a house after [the shuttle’s] launch yesterday.”


Oddly enough, this wasn’t the only incident.


There are several other reports of space debris being found within a 300-mile radius from the country’s official launch site.

(via Gizmodo)

Based on preliminary reports, no one was actually hurt in this freak accident. Let’s just hope that the skies stop raining shuttle parts.

She Took Scissors To A Bra And Made Something I Need In My Wardrobe

It seems like clothing designers are forgetting how to put backs onto dresses and shirts lately. It’s almost impossible to find an outfit with which you can actually wear a bra. You either have to choose to make it seem like you meant to have your bra showing and buy a bra to match the outfit itself…or you go braless. If neither of these options seems okay to you, then…

You need to watch this:

Even if you can’t really dance around in it, it’s still perfect for a fancy dinner date! Plus, it’s so simple, you might as well give it a try with a bra you never use anymore.

Sunlight Causes This Girl Extreme Pain, But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Playing

Savannah Fulkerson seemed like a normal little girl — until she was suddenly unable to go outside. By the time she was four years old, little Savannah couldn’t step foot outside without experiencing excruciating pain.

After many years of confusion, one forward-thinking physician eventually determined that she had a condition called Erythropoietic Porphyria. It’s a genetic disorder that causes her body to produce toxic chemicals when exposed to UV rays. Essentially, this poor girl is allergic to the sun.

That being said, Savannah remains positive. She’s found her own ways to have fun.

With the help of family, friends, and doctors, she’s discovered that there are ways to have fun and socialize with her peers. She may have a debilitating disorder, but she does her best to lead a normal life.

That really puts things in perspective for a certain 25-year-old man who only wants to leave his apartment when he runs out of Reese’s Puffs.

This Old Man Was Struggling To Reach His Goal, So The Community Stepped In

A 75-year-old man named Richard has been attempting to put a new roof on his house for three straight months. Because of his weak knees and calloused hands, he hasn’t made much progress. But he continues to work by himself, because he doesn’t want to trouble anyone with his problems.

That’s when one of his neighbors decided to bring the community together to help him out.

Richard worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was done right.


He didn’t have anyone he could call for help.


But as you can see, there was much work to be done.


So when all of these people showed up at his front door to help, he couldn’t say no.


The man was incredibly grateful for this unexpected act of kindness.


Local residents and businesses donated everything Richard needed to finish the task!


The whole thing was done by noon that day.


But they let Richard nail in the final shingle himself.

For more on this incredible story, check out the video below:

(via Little Things)

If you ever doubt the generosity of others, just remember this story. If every community was as kind as this one, the world would be a better place.

They Were Exploring An Old Mine, And They Caught Something Unexpected On Camera

Some of the creepiest places in the world are old caves and abandoned mines. You wouldn’t think ghosts and ghouls would enjoy hanging out in dark caves when there are plenty of houses ripe for haunting, but a wealth of photographic evidence suggests otherwise. I guess it makes sense when you consider how many people have lost their lives working in old, unsafe mines.

Over the summer, Redditor Ecocide and his friends unknowingly came across a cave-dwelling ghost. The group was preparing to explore an abandoned mine in Australia when they decided to snap some pictures.

At first glance, this photo looks completely ordinary.


But take a closer look at the opening…


Do you see what I see?


If you ask me, there appear to be two eyes looking at the hikers from within the cave.

When the photo is enhanced, you can clearly see the shape of something hiding out down there.


Judging from the comments, Ecocide and his friends made it out of the mine alive…but what the heck wasthat thing? Maybe it was just a trick of the light, or some very skilled photo manipulation. Either way, I’m thoroughly creeped out.