Insane Pictures Of James Holmes’ Booby-Trapped Apartment After He Was Arrested

During the summer of 2012, Aurora, Colorado, resident James Holmes made headlines across the globe. Holmes opened fire in a crowded movie theater in his home town during a packed opening night screening ofThe Dark Knight Rises. The shooting left 12 people dead and another 70 injured. After Holmes was taken into custody, he warned police that he had rigged his apartment with booby-trapped explosives. Luckily, police defused the bombs with a robot. Still, they were in for a quite a scene when they entered the apartment.

Inside, they found extensive stockpiles of bombs and bomb-making materials.


For the first time, the Aurora Police Department released photos taken inside Holmes’ apartment after the traps were removed.


That does not look very safe.


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I knew that James Holmes was bad news, but seeing these pictures makes me even happier that he’ll be spending the rest of his life behind bars.

The Truth Behind Internet Star Blake Vapes

Have you heard of the he Vape God of Instagram? If you haven’t look no further then the guy below.

BLAKE VAPES has been killing the vape game for 3 years now.


He is known as the vape god since he changed the game so much. He recently sat down with Buzzfeed and gave them an exclusive on how he got started and what he plans on doing in the future.


Blake has become such an Instagram God that just mentioning him on Buzzfeed’s channel got the haters mad:

I guess that is the price of fame. It doesn’t phase Blake he added a little message to all the haters.



Tabitha The Dog Finds Her Way Home Thanks To One Lucky News Broadcast

Most dog-owners agree that their lives would be a lot emptier without their pets. After all, there’s a reason we call them ‘Man’s Best Friend.’

Though dogs served a more utilitarian purpose back in the day, these days most owners and handlers consider their pups to be members of the family, even brave hero dogs like Yolanda who are full-time service animals.

That was definitely the case for Missouri resident Kelly Schaefer, who has always cherished her sweet Bichon/poodle mix Tabitha. Not only is she a great dog, but — like the Great Pyrenees who brings smiles to patients in the hospital—she has also been very therapeutic for Kelly’s husband Alfred, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Then, this past Wednesday, Alfred wandered off, and Tabitha came with him. A distraught Kelly took off after her family, but ultimately had to make a choice when she realized that the pair got separated from one another along the way.

“I had a decision to make and it was either get my husband or my dog. I couldn’t get both,” said Schaefer.

With Alfred home safe, Kelly began putting up posters, and even enlisted a local news crew to help her with her story. When the broadcast aired on local cable, she got an almost instantaneous response.

It turns out that one furry pair of ears were listening to her broadcast. Tabitha had been found by a local family, and responded immediately when she heard mom’s voice on the TV! The family realized that she must be the dog from the news, and called Kelly up.


You Have To See The Funny Ways That Animals Sleep

Before you read on any further, I should probably give you a proper warning: This video may induce yawning, cause the inability to keep your eyes open, and send you slowly drifting off to dream land!

That being said, it will likely making you smile, too!

Just like humans, animals need their sleep. But have you ever thought about all of the different animals out there and when/when/how they get in their beauty sleep?

I know that my dog for example likes to curl up in a ball right up against me and sleep so hard that her snores wake me up, and I’ve even seen the adorable way one little piggy likes to get in his Zzz’s, but up until I watched this video, I had no idea about the ways that many wild animals dozed off.

National Geographic made this awesome video to give us a little more insight as to how things work in the animal kingdom. From the way walruses are able to breath while they sleep in the water, to reason why puppies twitch as they sleep.

Check out the video below to learn some interesting facts about your favorite animal, or if you just need some help falling asleep!


Collective “Aww” Heard As Puppy Plays with Baby Squirrel

Acollective “Aww” was heard around the world when we all saw this footage!

This cuteness overload started when a family found a tiny, helpless baby squirrel in their backyard. After realizing that her mother had abandoned him, or that the mother had died after a tree fell in their yard, the family carefully nursed the tiny creature back to health, and even aptly named it “Squirrel.” Squirrel was in very bad shape when this family found him, but is now healthy and happy!

In fact, Squirrel is so happy that he fearlessly frolics with the family’s Yellow Lab puppy, Millie!

Just watch how these two get along! And it even seems that Squirrel has a little advantage over Millie. She is very protective of Squirrel, watching over him as he sleeps. It really looks like these two precious animals love one another, and will continue to be friends for a very long time after Squirrel is released back into the wild. This puppy-squirrel friendship definitely reminds us of this adorable sleeping pair, or this maternal cat who cared for an orphaned squirrel.

We’re so happy for these two, and hope that Squirrel fully recovers soon! And we know that with Millie’s help she will.


Sara Moran Helps Injured Dogs Have A Good Life

They say that “every dog has his day,” but after watching this touching video, you’ll be certain that these beautiful little pooches are going to have some pretty fantastic lives ahead of them!

Sara Moran set up her own shelter in Peru to care for all kinds of dogs in need of some tender loving care. Her center, named “Milagros Perrunos” does their very best to ensure that these furry friends are all given the respect that every dog deserves in their life. In the video below, you can see just how selfless Moran truly is. She takes in all kinds of dogs, but the partially paralyzed dogsin the video below are her real miracles.

Whether it be from back injuries (like the beautiful puppy who was injured by a car) or due to amputation; these dogs all have their own struggles dealing with mobility issues. But thankfully, Moran and her shelter have managed to either buy or build specially made wheelchairs so all of these dogs can have their day at the beach!

These beautiful puppies all seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful heart of Sara Moran. Thank goodness for her and her passion for taking care of these injured pets. Were it not for her efforts, these dogs would most likely have been forgotten and abandoned.

Thank you Sara, and thanks to all of the people who volunteer their time, effort, and money in order to help these beautiful animals!


Watch These Heroes Get Warm Welcomes Home From Their Furry Best Friends

Being away from home and not knowing when you might get to see your loved ones again can be an absolute nightmare for any soldier.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll never get sick of watching videos of soldiers returning home after being away from their families for long periods of time…especially when they’re as sweet as the moments in the following video.

While it’s great for a soldier to see their parents, spouse, kids and friends after so long, nothing can compare to the warm welcome they get when they first see their fur baby again. It’s no mystery why dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend.” They comfort us in our times of need and they always seem to know exactly what to do to put a big smile on our faces. For soldiers, this can often make all the difference.

After the trauma that some soldiers face in combat, dogs are the perfect companion to help calm them down and make everything feel OK again. As you can see in this video, dogs can even help save the lives of our heroes in distress. In this next video, we see the very best example of how happy military pets are to see their soldiers again, too.


Snickers The Hamster And Razor The Dog Show Us What True Friendship Looks Like!

I’ve had a lot of pets in my life, ranging from cats to small and furry critters, and the combinations didn’t always mix well. After a now-notorious incident involving a cat, a fish-tank, and a gerbil named Gerbi, I’ve become a little jaded on the potential for interspecies friendships.

Mind you, it’s not all interspecies friendships—I totally get the adorable bond between this hamster and this hedgehog. That said, these two munchkins are roughly the same size, so there’s no obvious predator-prey relationship to complicate things.

Needless to say, my jaw just about hit the floor when I saw this particular friendship blossoming. Our main players? A teeny-tiny hamster named Snickers and her best buddy, a 93-lb former fighting dog.

Our canine protagonist is Razor, a Rottweiler with a tough back story. Like Honey the Pitbull and many other big dogs, he was preyed upon by owners, a gang of drug dealers, who just wanted to use him as weapon.

They were trying to train him to fight when Razor was rescued. Now, his owners call him a “gentle giant” as he demonstrates that he’s a lover, not a fighter, with his touching affection for Snickers.

Check out the video below to see their darling friendship unfold!

Old Man Builds Custom Train For Rescue Dogs In Texas

Every week, a retired 80-year-old man drives a tractor through his town in Fort Worth, TX — but look behind the tractor and you’re in for an adorable surprise. Eugene hitched eight blue barrels with the tops carved out, and inside each barrel is a rescue dog who’s happily along for the ride.

Eugene and his brother have lived on their 13-acre land since the 1940s. Every morning, the brothers feed the wildlife on their property and tend to their many rescue dogs. Every time a stray winds up on the property, Eugene gives them a home and adds another barrel to the end of his “dog train.”

The hour-long train ride, which is going viral and delighting readers across the country, has become a simple yet creative way to keep the dogs happy and entertained. Eugene’s route takes them through the Sycamore Golf Course at the back of Eugene’s property. Golfers always get a kick out of watching the train roll by as the dogs bark, sniff, wag their tails, and watch the world around them.

Eugene’s brother, Corkey, hopes to continue the tradition for the rest of his life. “I’m only 86! My wife said if I didn’t get up and do this I’d be dead,” he says. “And I really would.”

See the wonderful Fort Worth Dog Train in action below, and please SHARE this wonderful story with your friends on Facebook. If only all rescue dogs were treated this way.

80-year-old Eugene is long retired, but that hasn’t stopped him from “driving” to work every day. You see, Eugene drives a train for the stray dogs he rescues on his 13-acre property in Fort Worth, TX. Now his brilliant idea is going viral!


Eugene cut the tops off blue barrels and hitched them to the back of his trailer. Inside each barrel is a former stray dog who now enjoys regular train rides through the town.


Eugene’s route takes them directly through the golf course that lines the back of his property. The golfers take delight in watching the dog train roll by as the dogs bark, wag their tails, sniff the air, and look around.


As young southern boys, Eugene and his brother, Corky, would shoot at the stray dogs in their neighborhood. As they grew older, they chose compassion over cruelty and began caring for the wildlife and stray dogs that wound up on their property.


The kindhearted brothers from Texas hope to carry on the sweet tradition for as long as they can — and something tells me the dogs won’t seem to mind one bit.