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Funny Grandma Sings A Sexy Song In Her Bikini!

Jeffrey’s grandmother may be 90-years-old, but you’d never know it after seeing this adorable video. She’s fun, funny and she’s totally with the times. On Mother’s Day 2011, Jeffrey was lucky enough to catch his grandma in her bathing suit on a beautiful sunny day, having fun on the porch — and when he asked if he could film her singing his favorite song, she happily obliged.

The results? AMAZING.

Hearing this spunky senior sing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” had me cracking up and beaming from ear to ear, just like Jeffrey. When I’m her age, I hope to have a sliver of her energy and humor. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind looking like that in a bikini! GO GRANNY!!

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Suspect Starts Crying When He Realizes He Knows The Judge From Middle School


It wasn’t until the court appearance that things seemed to really sink in for Booth, though. Judge Mindy Glazer faced him during his bond hearing and finished by asking him one question: Did you go to Nautilus Middle School? This clearly sent a shock through Booth, who couldn’t keep it together as you can see in the clip

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When A Momma Cat Adopted A Baby Squirrel, Nobody Expected It To Do THIS

When this baby squirrel fell from his nest in a nearby tree, a largehearted couple took the tiny orphan in as their own. What they weren’t expecting, however, was one of their cats to adopt the adorable little squirrel and treat it as if it was one of her own. Perhaps the most amazing thing the pet owners learned is that the squirrel actually learned to purr just like a cat!

Nature is truly amazing sometimes. For instance, this squirrel is confused and thinks it’s a cat. How adorable is that!?

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When You See The Relationship Between These Gentle Giants, You’ll Be So Jealous

Some people are terrified of horses. They’re big, often unpredictable creatures. But much like dogs and cats, horses can be trained to be lovable and snuggly. Case in point? This woman, who’s made it her life goal to train horses and people to live together in perfect harmony. Check out the incredibly strong bond she has with her horses.

If this kind of experience can be taught, sign me up! Having friends like these is every kid’s (and adult’s) dream.


These 10 Creepy Facts Might Just Give You Nightmares Tonight

There’s nothing quite like taking part in a trivia contest. Whether it’s at a nearby bar, bookstore, or bingo hall, proving your knowledge in a competitive setting is one of the most rewarding entertainment experiences of all time.

But trivia can get weird…quickly. Sure, you might know who John Lennon was, but do you know who killed him? Do you know what Lennon and his killer did together before he was killed? Keep reading for 10 of the eeriest facts you’ll ever hear, and get ready to spook out the competition!

1. A haunted heart tells many tales.


Sonny Graham received a heart trapsplant after donor Terry Cottle killed himself. Graham fell in love with Cottle’s widow, married her, and eventually killed himself in the same way as his donor.

2. Trent Reznor recorded his hit album, The Downward Spiral, in the house where Sharon Tate was murdered.


Tate was murdered in 1969 by Charles Manson’s “Family.” Reznor claims that he had already moved into the house before discovering its secret. Given the amount of media coverage in the decades since the murder, and the general notoriety of the home, that seems unlikely.

3. An artist repurposed dead flies for the most disgusting accessory.


Jessica Harrison created a pair of fake eyelashes out of fly legs. Fun stuff!

4. The last person to be photographed with John Lennon was Mark David Chapman…who was also his killer.


The iconic singer had no idea what that man was about to do next.

5. Sheepshead fish eat shellfish.


The creepiest part is that their teeth look like ours.

6. King Henry IV’s head was owned by a tax collector.


After a series of transactions dating back to the king’s assassination in 1610, tax collector Jacques Bellanger bought the head at an auction after Henry died.

7. One member of the Storage Wars cast discovered a dead body in a locker.


Darrell Sheets discovered a body covered in plastic. Police later determined that the previous owner killed his wife and stuck her in his storage unit.

8. The Dating Game once had a murderer as a contestant.


They didn’t know that Rodney James Alcala was a murderer at the time. After his failed appearance, the bachelor went on to kill several more women.

9. The Exeter family of Massachusetts was a really unlucky family.


In the nineteenth century, husband and wife George and Bary died of tuberculosis, as did their daughter Mercy and son Edwin. Townspeople actually thought that Mercy was a vampire, so they disemboweled her and forced Edwin to drink her ashes. He died shortly thereafter.

10. Cages were built around graves in Victorian times.


This was to prevent dead people from coming back to life…which is completely logical.

(via OMG Facts)

Now that you’re armed with these facts, you’ll totally win trivia night — and creep everyone out in the process.


Dryer Sheets Are Perfect For A Lot Of Things Outside The Dryer, Too

Just like baby wipes, dryer sheets are actually way more useful than their name implies. You can use these things just about anywhere, and they leave a fresh scent behind as a bonus. Some of the dryer sheet uses we’ll cover here might seem obvious, but others, maybe not so much.

The nice thing about dryer sheets, too, is that you can use them after you’ve already used them in the dryer, so you’re cutting down a little on waste.

1. Dryer sheets can do even more after the laundry is done. A used one can wipe up detergent spills, clean out the lint trap, and wipe down the machines.


2. They can also help with dirty laundry: stick some in the hamper to help keep the smell at bay.


3. Roll a sheet inside a toilet paper roll, and every time it spins, you’ll get a burst of scent for the bathroom.


4. A dryer sheet cut to fit and placed inside shoes combats odor.


5. Get rid of soapy buildup in the tub with a damp dryer sheet.


6. Keep used sheets in a diaper bag to roll up with soiled diapers, masking the smell immediately.


7. A dryer sheet makes scrubbing cooked-on food off pots and pans much easier.


8. Keep one in a picnic basket or even in your pocket or rubbed on your skin to repel bitey bugs.


9. Rodents don’t like the smell of dryer sheets either, so tucking them into dark corners of attics and basements can help keep them away.


10. Stash some in drawers to keep clothing smelling fresh.


11. You can also fold them into luggage when traveling to keep things fresh — especially if you’re going to be re-wearing outfits.


12. If you store items (in your home or elsewhere), dryer sheets are perfect for keeping the musty smell out.


13. If you don’t like the smell of old books, you can keep a strip of dryer sheet between the pages. It doubles as a bookmark.


14. Reduce static cling by rubbing a sheet on clothing, stockings, hair, or pets.


15. You can also use them in crafts! They give a great textured look to collaged greeting cards, plus they’ll be scented.


16. If you sew, dryer sheets make for great backings to appliqués and embroidery. They’re also good for making flexible patterns.

Sewing Basket Bits and pieces for making a quilt and sewing the odd holes on our clothes in Jude's sewing basket.  (6967) sewing, quilt,

17. Pull a threaded needle through a dryer sheet to keep the static down and the thread from getting tangled.


18. Latex paint comes off the bristles of brushes easier if you soak them in warm water with a dryer sheet in it.


19. A dryer sheet in a vacuum’s dust bag makes everything fresher. Just make sure this won’t be a fire hazard first!

Now that we have carpet for the first time, we need a vacuum for the first time. Behold the lovely little Miele, which nicely sucks up all of the fuzzy bits of wool which the new carpet is prone to shed.

20. Freshen the whole house by tucking a sheet into HVAC vents.


If you’re going to try any of these, remember that dryer sheets contain chemicals that may cause allergic reactions or irritations for some people. Be sure to read all safety labels first, and to be extra safe, consider buying all-natural brands with less harsh ingredients.


Humans Set Her Whole Litter On Fire, But Now She Has A Second Chance

On New Year’s Eve, 2014, something terrible happened in South Korea. Someone took a litter of two-month-old puppies and set them all on fire. There was only one survivor. They named her Journey.

She was brought to the U.S. and given little socks to help her walk around, but that wasn’t sufficient.

It was costly, but enough money was raised to fit her for prosthetic paws, enabling the tiny pup to run and play like any other pooch. Now she’s training to run her first 5K, and is so appreciative of every single thing in her life, including her foster mom (turned forever mom), Marilyn Hendrickson.

Just look what a sweetie she is.

Journey still experiences some discomfort, but her veterinarians are confident that with time they will be able to make that disappear with proper prosthetics and care (also, tons of love and treats).

We wish the best for this sweet pup that had such a chillingly awful start to life!

This Bulldog’s Tricky Sleep Surprise Attack Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Someone give this adorable bulldog an Oscar! He’s totally earned it.

When his owner comes in to find him on the bed, the cute little guy looks so exhausted, completely weary of all the world’s woes…but it turns out, he has sneaky plans to attack her with cuteness! The sweet boy will totally steal your heart.

What an adorable little trickster! Even if you hate surprises, you can’t help but love this one.