When This Dog Hears A Howl, He Gets Really Worried — WHERE’S IT COMING FROM?!

Dogs are very territorial creatures. They don’t like when they think someone or something is infringing on their territory.

So when this great dane heard a wolf’s howl come from an iPad, it got seriously confused. He knew he heard an intruder, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly where it was coming from. Watch this big guy’s inner struggle as he hilariously tries to decide what move to make!

I especially like how the other dog doesn’t seem to care — not one bit. Well, at least he’s got his big bud to look out for real (or imaginary) foes.

The Moment This Diver Encounters Some Seals Will Break Your Mind With Cuteness

One very lucky videographer, Gary Grayson, was diving off the coast of the Isles of Scilly (near the southwestern tip of England) when he had an encounter the vast majority of us only dream about. The ocean is full of mystery — with things we don’t even know exist yet. It’s also home to some seriously friendly creatures, and Grayson was able to experience the full extent of that friendliness through two very trusting seals.

It’s really amazing!

I normally stay as far away from large bodies of water as possible (because of the whole mystery thing…), but if I was guaranteed an experience like this, I’d wetsuit up in a second and dive in! They’re like the dogs of the sea…truly incredible!


This Little Piglet Loves Lettuce So Much, He Just Can’t Contain His Excitement

Getting your kids to eat their veggies might become a little easier after showing them this cute video. Because if this adorable piglet goes THIS crazy over lettuce, you can be sure they’ll want to follow in his footsteps.

So grab the kiddos, sit back, and get ready to teach them the value of eating all the green, leafy goodness they can handle.

Pickle is bound to grow up big and strong, thanks to all those healthy vitamins!

He Knew That Treats Were Inside, So This Cat Taught Himself To Open The Cabinet

This smart cat’s humans are going to have to find a better place to hide his snacks. Despite his lack of opposable thumbs, the sneaky little fella was determined to figure out a way to open up the pesky cabinet standing between him and his treats.

Thankfully, his watchdog buddy is a bit less skilled at his role in the stealth mission and didn’t notice the camera capturing the whole hilarious moment.

“Hurry up, they’re gonna catch us!”

Good luck finding a new secret treat spot that this talented kitty can’t wiggle his way into, humans.

She Picked A Piece Of Wood From Her Boyfriend’s Yard And Made An Epic Gift

Finding your significant other a gift is usually a very hard task. You want to get them something special that shows you really care, but you also want to prove how thoughtful you are. It’s a lot tougher than just heading to the mall and picking the first thing that looks right — we simply can’t afford to disappoint our loved ones.

This woman definitely isn’t going to disappoint her boyfriend after all of the thought and effort that went into the birthday gift she gave to him.

First, she found a sweet piece of wood at his parents’ house.


She took off all the bark, sanded it down, and coated it with two layers of polyurethane.


She chiseled out a little hole…


And stuck a phone charger in it!


And violà! A decorative wooden phone charger.


Beautiful, useful, and thoughtful: the perfect gift!


What a great girlfriend! She took time to do all of this — that’s the sign of a true keeper. I hope this guy enjoys his awesome gift, because if he doesn’t…well, I’ll take it!

Never Worry About Your Brown Sugar Becoming Rock Hard With This Simple Hack

It’s a well-known fact: no matter how thoughtfully, how carefully you store your brown sugar…it will inevitably become rock hard. Even if your container claims to be airtight…it lies. Thankfully, when it comes time to bake those cookies, mix that crumble up, or whatever gloriously sweet plans you have for your sugar, there are tricks like this that can bring it back from it’s solid slumber.

White bread truly is wonder bread…am I right?!

When You See This Dog’s Reaction To Hearing The Word ‘Walk’ You’ll Be In Stitches

Dogs can be trained to do just about anything these days. From fetching the newspaper, grabbing a beer from the fridge for us, or flushing the toilet, they’re pretty great. It’s important, though, that you give the dog a word to anchor that task to (fetch, down, etc.), and once it hears that word, it knows exactly what to do.

There’s always an exception to the rule, though, and this dog is it. She appears to have only learned one word, and it’s absolutely hilarious seeing her react to it.

I feel like she only cared to learn “walk.”

She absolutely loves taking walks. Good for her…at least she enjoys exercise. I know some dogs who you have to drag outside in order to get them to go for a walk.


What One Guy Discovered At The Store Will Put A Smile On Your Face

There are some pretty ridiculous toys out there, but the most bizarre part about the toy industry is that people actually buy these things. I mean, all you have to do is take a stroll through any toy store to realize how strange some of these playthings are.

What this guy came across is no exception. After stumbling upon a cart full of noisy rubber ducks, the entertaining opportunist caught something hysterical on film.


The Internet just couldn’t resist remixing that heinous sound. L-O-L.

(via Mashable)

Those ducks have made more of an impact online than most of us ever will. The creator of that toy has to be feeling proud right about now, since they’re probably flying off the shelves!


It’s No Wonder They Say Owners And Dogs Begin To Look Alike — This Proves It!

German photographer Ines Opifanti adopted her adorable pup three years ago on a whim and, like many of our pets tend to do, the little cutie totally changed her perspective on the world. Opifanti quickly noticed how expressive her dog’s face could be, finding it “almost human-like” at times.

Then she remembered the old adage about humans resembling their pooches and decided to put that to the test in front of her lens. Using real owners and their own four-legged friends for models, Opifanti was able to capture the uncanny connection between humans and canines.

She started by photographing the dogs first.


Situated on a podium, she would have the owners talk with their pups to get different reactions.


Of course, there were also plenty of treats around to really entice the cuties to let their true character show.


Opifanti wanted to make sure the dogs stayed calm and relaxed around all the bright lights and flashing lenses.


Once she’d captured the perfect fluffy face, it was the human’s turn to step in front of the camera.


They were instructed to do their best at mimicking the silly expressions on their dogs’ faces…


And it turned out, they were all pretty darn good at it.


Each interpretation shows just how connected the owners are to their dogs.


Opifanti found her models through a Facebook post requesting volunteers.


She didn’t know any of the people (or pups!) before the photoshoot.


Proving that the incredible bond between human and pet truly is universal.


Opifanti plans to continue her awesome photo project with even more people and pups.


You can find more of the amazing project in Opifanti’s portfolio. If you’re not too busy testing out your own impression of your pooch, that is. (Don’t worry, we totally tried it, too.)


5 More Revolting Delicacies From Around The World To Avoid On Your Next Vacation

Half the fun of traveling is trying new foods in exotic places. While being open to adventure can lead to some unforgettable experiences, you have to make sure your stomach can always handle it. If you come across any of these local delicacies, however, you might be better off skipping a meal instead of risking an inevitable stomach ache.

1. Jellied Moose Nose.


This simple dish is a native Alaskan delicacy, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. First, you cut the nose off a presumably dead moose and boil it. Then you remove all the hair before boiling it again. Afterwards, you let the boiled water sit overnight, and voila! You have yourself some delicious jellied moose nose.

2. Stinkheads.


Stinkheads are a native Inuit dish that has existed for hundreds of years. In the centuries before modern refrigeration technology, fish, a staple of the Inuit diet, would spoil rapidly. As a way to combat this, the Inuit developed fermentation as a means to cook and preserve their food. Stinkheads are essentially salmon heads that are buried in the ground in fermentation pits. After several months, the heads have rotted down to something stinky, but edible. It’s a great way to get through those harsh Alaskan winters.

3. Sheep’s Head.


Americans like to forget that our meat once had a face. In northern Europe, however, they not only like to recognize this, but they sometimes make a meal out of the head. Take, for example, the Scandinavian specialty of whole-roasted sheep’s head. To make matters more unsettling, the eyeballs and the tongue are the most desirable parts of the meal.

4. Bat Soup.


Aside from being living bug zappers, bats are considered a delicious food source in some parts of the world. Depending on where you are, they’re prepared in different ways. However, the most well-known bat dish is fruit bat soup, which is served in parts of Asia. It would be yummy, but bats also tend to be disease carriers, so it might be best to avoid this.

5. Mongolian Boodog.


This ancient method of Mongolian cooking is actually pretty innovative. It’s often prepared with a whole goat, but marmots are also sometimes cooked this way. First, you kill the animal, bleed it, and break its legs. Then, you stuff scalding hot rocks into the carcass until you can’t fit any more. After that, you spit-roast it over a fire until it achieves its desired crispiness.

(via Culinary Schools)

I’m actually halfway curious to know what fruit bat soup tastes like. However, I don’t think I’ll take any chance with it any time soon.