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This Opera Singer Chose To Inhale Helium, And The Result Is Hilarious

Opera is largely a boring art form to most people. In fact, the only people interested in going to the opera are those who claim to really have an appreciation for the art. However, I have yet to meet someone who reallyenjoys opera.

If opera had a little bit of extra spice, it might be more enjoyable. That’s what this singer is trying to do by adding some extra entertainment value to her performances. To do so, she decided to suck in some helium from a balloon and sing, with a hilarious result.

I would go to the opera more often if it was like this. It’s like if The Chipmunks were singing opera! I’m sure the older folks who enjoy opera wouldn’t mind it too much, right?

Did You Know That Big Budget Movies Actually Copy Scenes All The Time?

Director Ed Wood was infamous for piecing together stock footage to complete his low-budget films. As a result, his cult classic Plan 9 from Outer Space is widely regarded as, well, the worst movie of all time. But he’s not the only director guilty of copying and pasting to save a buck.

It’s no surprise that producing a blockbuster tends to cost a studio tons of cash. Even the smallest special effect can add up to thousands (or millions) of dollars, so it’s kind of understandable why they might try to cut a corner here and there. But when the movie connoisseurs over at Screen Rant took a second look at these big-budget films, they couldn’t help but think the producers probably could have been a bit more subtle. Each one was caught giving their audience a strange sense of déjà vu:

1. This is actually one of the least terrible things about the unfortunate prequel franchise.


2. Michael Bay got hit with a truth bomb when people noticed something eerily familiar in the Transformers franchise to one of his earlier films.


3. Set phasers to stun…ningly obvious.


4. The film may have been based on a video game, but most of the backstory was taken from Jessica Alba’s debut show.


5. Film execs wanted a happier ending for Ridley Scott’s 1989 classic Blade Runner


So they spliced in the ironically idyllic intro from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 thriller, The Shining.

6. Even film virtuoso Orson Welles borrowed stock footage for his iconic film, Citizen Kane.


Notice the unusually large birds flying around in this picnic scene? Rumor has it they’re actually from the 1933 film, Son of Kong.

7. Bill and Ted might not have time traveled back quite as far as they thought for this scene.


8. Back in the day, Disney animators frequently reused old frames for new films.


If you think about it, your next movie ticket could really be a two-for-one deal. But somehow, I’d still feel short-changed.


22 Animals Who Are Totally Psyched About Experiencing New Things

There’s nothing like making a new, happy discovery. Your brain feels like it’s expanded with the awesomeness and your whole world feels bigger. And if you’re one of these adorable cats and dogs, you’re really stinkin’ cute while it happens.

Whether it’s seeing the outside world for the first time or the first beautiful bite of a tasty treat, these sweet faces are totally stoked about their new experiences.

1. “Race you to the boardwalk and back again!”


2. “I expect this for every meal now.”


3. “What beautiful magic is this?”


4. I’d smile like that if I knew I didn’t have to row, too.


5. Someone’s smitten!


6. “Holy crap. This weird room MOVES!”


7. “You got dad’s credit card, right?”


8. She gave them all their own names.


9. “Oh my God, nature is AWESOME!”


10. Savoring his first taste of freedom.


11. “What was that flying thing?” “I don’t know, but we should definitely attack it.”


12. This happy thought will have him flying for days.


13. “Well, hello handsome.”




15. “We’re TWINS!”




17. “Let’s sail around the world, bro.”


18. “This is a nice rectangle. I’ll be here all summer.”


19. “It’s even softer than me!”


20. “This…is…the BEST THING EVER.”


21. “I am water. I am life. I am one with nature.”


22. “Oh, wow! They still have their Christmas lights up across the street!”


Watching those sweet lil faces light up is probably the best perk of being a pet owner. And luckily, there’s always something new waiting around the corner for them to uncover!


Meet Norbert, The Unique Therapy Dog You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With

Norbert is a three-pound therapy dog. He’s only seven inches tall but he’ll fill anyone’s heart in an instant. He and his mom, Julie, are a certified therapy dog team, so Norbert literally spends his days brining joy to those who need it most. In other words, not only is this little guy absolutely adorable, he’s also a regular philanthropist.

Here he is, in all his tiny glory.


Here he is when his mom, Julie, adopted him from Pet Finder.


He’s a mix, probably of Chihuahua, Cairn terrier, and Lhasa apso.

He really knows how to live life to the fullest.


An how to do it in style.


And we can’t forget to mention that famous tongue.


Here is Norbert at work, bringing joy to his very special friend.


But when Norbie’s off the clock…


He’s busy meeting his fellow famous pet pals.


He also endorses brands that donate to good causes or throw awesome adoption events, like Natural Balance.


It’s pretty easy to see why so many people love this little guy so much!


(Hint, it’s because he’s perfect.)


But, there’s more.


He (and his mom) are award-winning children’s book authors!


His books teach people how to treat others with kindness, and how to bring joy to those who need it.


For more about Norbert’s lifetime’s worth of achievements…


You can check out his website!


What a teeny hero! Norbert, we salute you. You can also keep tabs on the little guy by following him onInstagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Believe me, you won’t regret it!


A Weekend Ended In Tragedy, But This Little Girl Refused To Quit Fighting

When Amy Owensby dropped off her eight-month-old daughter Cheyenne with James Davis Jr. — the girl’s father — she had no idea just how drastically her life would change.

After leaving with the thought that her child was in safe hands, Amy soon discovered that Cheyenne was in the worst situation imaginable. The trauma that her precious daughter suffered was every mother’s worst nightmare.


Sometime during her stay, Davis snapped at the sound of his daughter crying and violently shook her. This caused permanent damage to Cheyenne’s brain.


Shaken baby syndrome is one of the leading causes of death in infants. It can cause lifelong seizures, respiratory problems, and sudden death.


James is currently in prison for his crimes, and Cheyenne is making a wonderful recovery.


Three years after the horrific incident, Cheyenne is on the road to recovery in the arms of her dedicated mother.


Commuters In Bangkok Were Stunned By A Mysterious Object Falling Overhead

During rush hour in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday commuters were treated to a sight that nearly stopped them in their tracks. It was approximately 8:40 a.m. local time when a fiery object was seen streaking across the sky.

Currently, there are no reports of downed or missing aircraft in the area. It’s uncertain what this object was — what is certain, though, is that this sight is pretty freaky.

Others recorded the object from different angles, but these additional videos didn’t offer any explanation as to what the object was.

The Earth is surrounded by space debris and it’s not uncommon for meteorites to enter our atmosphere, but this object behaved rather strangely. It was too fast to be a satellite (although it is possibly a meteorite).

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22 Organizational Tools You Didn’t Realize You Needed Until Just Now

Oftentimes, you think that the fewer things you buy, the easier it will be to keep a space tidy. But sometimes, you have to get a little extra to reach full organization potential. It’s like a relationship…give a little, get a little. You didn’t know you needed these 22 items to make your life easier until right now.

1. Battery organizer


No more junk drawer nonsense!

2. Kitchen wrap organizer


Let’s face it, it just doesn’t fit in the drawer. This will save your morning sandwich-wrapping routine.

3. Cosmetics organizer


No more digging through a bag full of eyeshadow for that tiny blush you love.

4. Under-the-counter K-Cup holder


Because counter space is precious.

5. Shelf dividers


No more piling up unfolded towels! Your linen closet will be a dreamland.

6. Kitchen bag dispenser


I am positive every single human has precisely one million grocery bags shoved under their kitchen sink…

7. Kitchen tray holder


Finally, no more cookie trays sliding over a muffin tin and clattering on the tile floor.

8. Drawer organizer


“WHERE IS THE OTHER SOCK?!” Said you…never again.

9. Wonder hanger


Who doesn’t want to double their closet space?

10. Trunk organizer


Your groceries will never topple again.

11. Mesh shower organizer


Not all showers are created equal…some need extra storage!

12. Slide-out storage tower


No narrow, tall space left behind.

13. Pet net


…We know you’re buying your kid a few too many stuffed animals. Get them out of the way with this handy holder.

14. Boot organizer


Because gravity and boots don’t get along.

15. Spice rack


We’ve all been attacked by oregano and dried parsley one too many times.

16. Belt rack


Your belts hold your pants up on the daily…return the favor and hold them up with this nifty hanger.

17. Backseat work desk


Never miss another really important work email thread again.

18. Backseat organizer


Your kids will want you to drive them to school with this.

19. Bedside caddy


You’ve stepped on your headphones for the last time.

20. Circle hanger


Admit it, you had no idea how to store your scarves before just now.

21. Tool tower


Never do this again.

22. This cool car seat hanger


Each and every one of these makes the OCD part of me very, very happy. Look at how organized and clean everything is! I need all of these ASAP. Honestly, I had no idea to what degree my life was in shambles until I found these gadgets.

He Gave His Son’s Room A Makeover For His Birthday, And We’re Pretty Jealous

When kids grow up, their childhood rooms just don’t work anymore. At that point, you know that it’s time to make a more teen-appropriate space. It’s emotional sometimes, but it can also be pretty awesome.

That’s what GeekDad blogger Randy Slavey experienced. What he recently posted on his blog is probably one of the most impressive kid’s room makeovers we’ve seen in a while. His son just turned 13, and it was clear that he’d outgrown his childhood room. Slavey knew that his son was really into the Portal video game franchise, so he and his wife took that idea and ran with it.

If you didn’t know better, you might think this was a screenshot from the game. But it’s actually even cooler.


First, his son’s old furniture was broken down and dismantled.


Slavey wanted to repurpose it at first (partially, he admits, for sentimental reasons), but it ended up not working for this project.

After the walls were primed and painted, they mapped out the desired pattern with tape.


These circle details were painted by hand.


The new furniture also had to be painted.


Slavey and his wife learned a valuable lesson: don’t by the two-in-one paint and primer. It chips too easily! It’s totally worth it to sand, prime, and then paint.

Under the desk, Slavey included a secret message. Fans of the game will get this reference.


For a cool centerpiece, Slavey used mirrors and colored rope lights to create “portals” in the room.


When positioned across from one another, the mirrors reflect infinitely, creating the illusion of an endless tunnel.

The room finally came together!


The closet doors were painted to look like the doors between rooms in the game.

Any fan of the Portal series knows that it wouldn’t be complete without these two elements.


The turret is a wall decal, in case you were wondering.

…it’s obvious how their son felt about the new room.


There are even more awesome shots of the room on his blog, along with a few of his son’s birthday cake (which was not a lie). You can see those photos and more over at GeekDad.

These Paintings Of Fish Look Very Realistic, And For Good Reason

Looking at the delicately colored prints of artist Heather Fortner, you’re probably pretty impressed by the extreme realism of her work. Each scale, fin, and spine of the fish she creates is rendered with perfect detail and proportion, but the images still manage to be light and airy.

So how does she do it?


Well, you might not believe this, but the Oregon-based artist gets up close and personal with her subjects.


In fact, you could say that they even help her. That’s because Fortner uses actual fish to create these prints.

The practice of making prints with real fish comes from Japan, where it’s called gyotaku, which literally translates to “fish rubbing.” Fishermen would once keep ink and paper aboard their ships and use them to make records of the fish they caught that day. The records were totally accurate, which made them perfect for keeping track of fish population trends — and for judging fishing contests.

There are two ways of doing this. The direct method calls for ink to be applied right to the fish’s body. The fish’s body is then pressed against paper. The indirect method involves pressing paper to the fish, and then rubbing color over the paper, similar to the way people make rubbings from tombstones.

Here’s a fish mid-print. The detail is pretty amazing.


And since we know you guys are concerned about the welfare of animals, Fortner does not kill any fish to create her pieces.


Instead, she finds dead fish that have washed up on the shore near her home.


After using their bodies, she cleans them off and buries them in her yard to serve as fertilizer.

The fish can be used more than once, which is why you often see multiple prints of the same one.


This piece is a prime example.


Handling a dead fish to create art might seem a little gross, but Fortner sees her work as a way to connect humans to the sea. By looking at these pieces, which were created with the actual bodies of our fellow creatures, we’re reminded of the complexity, beauty, and fragility of life.

For her part, Fortner hopes that her paintings will remind viewers that fish are delicate creatures that hang in the balance of nature. The way we treat the planet often affects our aquatic friends first.


You can see more of Fortner’s work on her website, where you can check out different examples of fish from all over the world. Follow her on Facebook to keep up with her latest projects!



This Poor Dog Was Living Under A Car For 7 Months…Until This Amazing Rescue

For seven months, this dog was too scared and sick to let anyone do more than leave some food out for him. He hid under porches and cars, all the while suffering from mange, high fever, a severe flea infestation, and ticks.

He surely wouldn’t have lasted much longer if it weren’t for Hope For Paws coming to the rescue…

His transformation, inside and out, is incredible!

If you’re interested in adopting this sweet fur baby, you can contact Smooch Pooch Rescue, who is fostering him until he finds his forever home. Aaron deserves the best home after such a rough start to life.

You can also donate to Hope For Paws if you’d like to help make more happy endings like this one possible.