Josh Sundquist Uses His One Leg To Make The Best Halloween Costumes Ever

Josh Sundquist is a 2-time Paralympian (winter and summer), motivational speaker, cancer survivor and bestselling author. He also comes up with the best Halloween costumes year after year.

Josh’s journey began at age nine when he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and given a fifty percent chance to live. He spent a year on chemotherapy treatments and his left leg was amputated. Doctors declared Josh cured of the disease at age thirteen and he took up ski racing three years later. He trained for the next six years and in 2006 he was named to the US Paralympic Ski Team for the Paralympics in Turin, Italy. Just recently, Josh was also named to the US Amputee Soccer Team.

An inspiration to us all, you can find Josh’s awesome costumes below. For more information, check out Josh’s official website.

[via Bleacher Report]

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I Really, Really, Really, Really Can’t Get This Song Outta My Head! But I Like It!

You may remember Carly Rae Jepsen from a little song that went slightly viral called “Call Me Maybe.” If you happen to be that one in a million person who doesn’t know what song I’m referring to, there’s no need to fret.

In addition to the original music video for the song that made the pop star famous, there are also hundreds of lip sync videos, like the one made by the shirtless army soldiers who were trying to kill a little downtime, or the version a retirement home put together that was absolutely adorable.

But while many stars are known for getting their fifteen minutes of fame and then slowly fizzling out, Carly has proven that she is no one-hit wonder by releasing yet another insanely catchy tune, and it’s getting the same level of parody love as her first.

“I Really Like You” already made waves when it was released in March due to Tom Hanks’ unexpected and really funny starring role in the music video.

But something tells us that this version may be even more of a hit than the original. With celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Kendal Jenner, Lance Bass, and David Foster all goofing off and dancing around what appears to be a mansion, this could be the most star-studded lip sync video yet.


Soldier’s Son Took A School Photo — But When He Sees Who Snuck Up Behind Him? Amazing!

When a third-grader named Joshua was posing for a school photo, he had no idea what incredible surprise stood behind him.

The 8-year-old’s father, Army Corporal James Bass, had returned home from deployment in Kuwait after months of being away from his son. He decided to keep his return date a secret in order to make their reunion even more memorable.

It’s always beautiful to see the ways in which military members surprise their young ones, especially during a normal day at school. When Staff Sgt. Jennifer White showed up during a school assembly in a very unique way, she left her two children speechless. It’s also almost impossible not to tear up when watching Josh Carroll react to his father’s unanticipated return home.

In the video below, Bass decided to make a lighthearted entrance at Pearsontown Magnet Elementary in Durham, NC, by photobombing his child’s school picture. Just wait till you see the young boy’s reaction at the :17 mark and pay attention to his funny comment shortly after. I’m so glad they caught this on camera!

“I got you, didn’t I?” Bass later asks his son.


She Puts A Carrot In Her Mouth. But Wait For What The Giraffe Does At :10. Hilarious!

Animals sure love to eat — and they usually have no problem snatching some food whenever they get the chance.

Remember Daisy the horse, who broke into a barn one night and devoured all the food to her owner’s dismay? If that’s not enough proof of their massive appetite, there’s also a hilarious compilation of a variety of animals, including cats, squirrels, and dogs, as they find ways to steal food.

In the video below, the situation is slightly different because the woman is instructed to put a carrot in her mouth knowing that the giraffe will reach for it. In turn, it’s no surprise that the adorable animal is quick to grab the vegetable without any hesitation.

But, in this case, it’s the woman’s reaction at the :06 mark that is worth every second of your time. I seriously had to rewind it several times because I couldn’t stop laughing at what she does.

What’s even funnier is how the giraffe isn’t even the slightest bit bothered. Wait till you see what he tries to do at the :10 mark. It’s clear he only has one thing on his mind: food!



Her Husband SCREAMS In The Hospital, But The Reason? I Can’t Help But CRACK UP!

Here’s a video that’s going to make every man cringe and every mother crack up!

Most moms want flowers, a home-cooked meal, a nice card or just some quality time with the family for Mother’s Day.  Then there’s Kim Holderness. The matriarch of the Holderness family, who have brought us some absolutely ridiculous videos like this “Back to School” clip, has definitely had some fun on camera in the past few years, but this next video reaches a new level!

When her husband, Penn, and their two kids pitched in for Thanksgiving and made this ridiculous video to go with it, I didn’t think they can get any wackier. However, what Kim requested for Mother’s Day in this next video is so crazy, I couldn’t even believe it was real…until I realized the pain she was putting her husband through just can’t be faked.

Every mom tells men they have no idea what kind of pain going through labor feels like, but only Kim decided to give her husband a little taste. With help from Dr. Sameh Toma of the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine, Penn was hooked up to a pretty scary machine that simulates the pain of muscle contractions that come with childbirth.

Why he would ever go along with this stunt is a question we may never really learn the answer to — but you have to admit, it’s pretty funny seeing a man go through this for once.


Pregnant Mom Decides To Do THIS During Labor, Now I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Who knew giving birth could be… fun?

Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but the woman you’re about to meet makes labor look a lot less painful. As her contractions were around 2-3 minutes apart, this mom-to-be opted for a pain management solution that left her with a serious case of the giggles.

We’ve seen the hilarious results of laughing gas when used during wisdom tooth extractions, but now it’s becoming a popular option for women giving birth. That’s because nitrous oxide allows a mom to still feel the pain of childbirth while taking the edge off. Many other developed countries have been offering it to women in labor for decades, but now laughing gas is making a comeback in the states.

Kerry Dixon, Clinical Director Minnesota Birth Center, says, “Not only does it have pain-management properties, it also has this anti-anxiety component.”

While it doesn’t remove 100% of the pain, like an epidural or narcotics, Dixon says nitrous oxide is safe and less complicated. Instead of needing someone to administer and monitor an epidural, Mom administers nitrous oxide herself. When she’s done, it leaves the system immediately.

It’s also cheaper. An epidural can cost up to $3,000, while nitrous oxide is less than $100.

“I instantly felt relaxed,” a mother named Shauna Zurawski told ABC News. “Before, I was so tense. I was fighting against the contractions, which definitely wasn’t good. But after the laughing gas, my body was able to do what it was supposed to. It was so neat.”

Soldier Returns From Iraq To Surprise Daughter At School Spelling Bee

When Skylar Johnson participated in her school’s spelling bee at Boca Raton Elementary in Florida, little did she know that she would be receiving a special surprise!

After a few rounds, the moderator asked Johnson to spell “sergeant.” When the little girl says the final ‘T’ into the mic, the teacher asks if she knows any sergeants, to which the 9-year-old student replied, “My dad.”

“Your dad? Wow, her dad is a sergeant,” her teacher told the class. “That’s kind of funny, because today we have a very special sergeant here.”

That’s when the curtain opens behind her, revealing her father, Sergeant Johnson, dressed in his National Guard uniform. Cue waterworks! She had not seen her father for over a year, so thesurprise homecoming was pretty emotional. The pair sobs uncontrollably as they embrace on stage.

Sergeant Johnson only had nine days to spend with his family before returning to Iraq, so he decided to plan the elaborate surprise for his daughter.

After the reunion, the father and daughter spoke to several news outlets. Skylar admitted this was the best birthday gift ever.

“I really hope he didn’t get me a present, because this one, you can’t beat it,” she said.



Olive Garden’s New Heart-Warming Ad Features Real Families

Daddy sits at the table with his quadruplets. The four babies sit patiently. Then daddy makes a funny face… and their reaction is priceless!

This video is all about family and how families come in different permutations. No matter the color, the make up, whether you’re a single mom or a dad away in his second tour of Iraq — family is what counts.

What’s most fascinating to me is the different ways in which families bond and connect. For some, it’s over a mutual hobby; meanwhile, some families bond through their differences. This blind mom can’t see her baby, but that doesn’t mean she is any less connected with him.

For Olive Garden’s latest campaign, they found real families at their proudest moments, sharing excitement, joy, and love together.

“Whether traditional, blended and extended, neighbors, co-workers or friends. It’s family that supports us, cheers us on, and grounds us in what truly matters,” Olive Garden writes.

I couldn’t agree more. There’s no such thing as a “normal” family, only the one you make.

When this dad sits at the table with his four babies, it’s absolutely ordinary. There’s nothing extraordinary about a family hanging out together at the dinner table. Nevertheless, it’s those moments that we remember when we are old and grey. It’s the time we spend with our loved ones, on a regular day, that moves us.

It’s no wonder seeing others share the simplest of pleasures with one another is so touching!



Funny Portraits of Henry the Flying Baby

New York City-based photographer Rachel Hulin noticed her husband lifting up their son Henry one day and imagined what the scene would look like if her husband was cropped out of the picture. The result was their son seemingly suspended in mid-air. Depending on the post, Henry appeared to be flying or floating.

The poses are natural and it’s fun to try and imagine Hulin’s husband in the original shot holding the baby (their son is never ‘thrown’ in the air for the sake of a photo). The images have become very popular online getting coverage on CNN, Time, CBS and ABC. The unexpected publicity has led to a 40-page hardcover book entitled Flying Henry that will be published in April 2013. You can pre order your own copy on Amazon here.

















This Woman Had The Funniest Encounter With A Wild Hog

Despite the myths that exist about pigs, they are actually very intelligent animals and hold some behaviors that are quite similar to human pets.

Like dogs and cats, some pigs can even be trained to perform impressive tricks, like the one who knows how to roll out a carpet. There’s also the pig who can put a puzzle together.

The hog in the video below is another example of their intelligence. It also proves that they are also pretty hilarious creatures.

As a woman was enjoying some time in the sun on a beach, she started interacting with two baby pigs. Seconds later, a wild hog crept up behind her and did something so unexpected and comical.

One commenter on the YouTube video suggested that the wild hog was simply protecting her babies. This could certainly be true since hogs are very protective of their offspring.

Like other mammals, hogs share a very strong bond with their babies. According to the Humane Society, “Piglets can distinguish between their own mother’s voice and that of other sows.”

Whether or not this hog was protecting her babies, I couldn’t stop laughing, especially because of the noise the animal made in the process.