Man Shocks His Girlfriend With Surprise Sea Lion Proposal At The Zoo

There there are so many romantic ways to pop the question, and these days, there’s no shortage of over-the-top engagement proposals. When it came time for Cray Shellenbarger to pop the question, he found a very unique way to surprise his girlfriend.

The couple were at the St. Louis Zoo watching the sea lion show, when Cray’s girlfriend was plucked from the crowd to help the trainer with a few tricks. As the sea lion showed off and performed amazing tricks, the wild animal fetched a Frisbee and gave it to her. When she looked down, she realized there was a personal message on it.

“Will you marry me?” was written on the Frisbee. She instantly turned around to see her boyfriend emerge from the crowd with a diamond engagement ring. He got down on one knee and proposed. Spoiler alert: she said yes!

Like the Pitch Perfect fan who surprised his girlfriend with a musical proposal (with a little musical help from his friends), this man had a little help in surprising the love of his life.

The great trainers at St. Louis Zoo helped out with this proposal. It went off without a hitch, and the bride-to-be couldn’t look happier. Watch the full surprise in the video below.

The video, which was filmed in 2013, has recently surfaced and gone viral.

Congrats to the happy couple!


Homeless Woman Offers All Her Money And A Prayer For A Family On The Street

It probably comes as no surprise that an estimated 80% of homeless teens use drugs to self medicate. Every day on the streets of New York City, my heart breaks to see these young people ruining their lives, begging for money to support the habits that will likely kill them.

It’s tough to help each and every one, yet sometimes it’s even more difficult to look the other way, refusing to give them drug money. That’s why the following video from YouTube’s “Model Pranksters” upsets me so much. Coby Persin loves to perform social experiments on the streets of NYC, where most people barely notice what’s going on around them.

In the video, we see Coby, who strikes a shocking resemblance to Zac Efron, dressed up as a homeless man with a sign that reads “Homeless. Need Money For Weed, Drugs And Alcohol.” Whether people can relate to his need to self medicate, think it’s funny or appreciate his honest sign, for whatever reason, strangers are very inclined to fill up his cup with bills. In a heartbreaking twist, a little girl joins Coby in the next scene.

His new sign reads “Homeless. Single Father. Need Money For Family.” Sadly, a lot of time goes by before someone finally stops to help. Just like in this touching social experiment where a homeless man shares his pizza, the sympathetic woman who stops to say a prayer and offer all the money she had was sadly homeless herself.

It really makes you think about which sign you would choose, if any…



This Little Boy Gets A Serious Case Of The Giggles After Hugging A Girl

Everyone remembers their first crush, but the little boy in the video below is lucky enough to have record of it recorded on film. It turns out that little William has never hugged a girl before; when his parents realized this fact, they just knew they had to get the cameras out as quickly as possible!

It begins with the little boy walking straight to the little girl, arms outstretched for his first hug. The girl opens her arms and shows Will how to do it properly… From that moment on, the little boy cannot contain his utter excitement.

He can’t help but scream and cheer from happiness. The girl, a bit confused at all the noise, tries to turn back to continue what she was doing, but the little boy is too happy to settle for just one hug!

The boy goes back for more hugs and the girl is kind enough to hug him back before going back to her very important project. The boy is absolutely beside himself. Squealing in joy at this point, he finally walks back up to the girl who, at the :56 mark of this adorable video, says flat out how she really feels about all of this hugging.

Make sure to watch this video until the very end, we just love this adorable boy’s response, but the little girl ends up being the jokester! This is just too funny! Who knows, maybe these two adorable toddlers might grow up to get married one day, wouldn’t that just be an amazing video to show off at the reception?



Two Siblings Have An Epic Seven-Hour Road Trip

Aside from being cooped up in a car for hours, a road trip can be completely ruined by a driver’s choice in music. I mean, who wants to listen to music they dislike for several hours straight?

Well, that’s exactly what happens to the woman in the video below — and it’s pretty hilarious.

While taking a lengthy drive with her brother, Brian Anderson, the woman is forced to listen to his playlist, which includes the Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, Sisqo, Ace of Base, and several more. In the meantime, her brother is also comically lip-syncing to each song.

Unlike those car performances where all the passengers are excited to be involved, it’s clear in this one that Anderson’s sister can’t wait to get to her destination. Just pay attention to her annoyed facial expressions, especially at the 2:20 mark.

“My sister is not too excited about my performances during our 7 hour road trip or my choice of music,” Anderson wrote as the video’s caption.

Several viewers commented and praised Anderson for his sense of humor. But others commented on the funny twist in the end, including one who wrote, “The ending was the best part, she stole something from you you can never get back.”


Little Boy Cries On First Day Of School Because He Misses His Mommy

Oh my goodness gracious. This little guy is going to make you laugh, cry and cheer. I am pretty sure he does all of  that in his emotional response to a very simple question.

KTLA reporter Courtney Friel asks 4-year-old Andrew Macias if he is going to miss his mommy. It’s his first day of school ever and the little guy is dressed adorably studious.

His response at first is, “No!” He bravely declares that he is a big boy who will not be missing his mommy. However, a second later, as the reality sinks in… no mommy for hours and hours and hours. Little Andrew begins to sob. His head in his hands, what a world!

The moment illustrates the beautiful bond between mother and child — like this infant who knows that his crocodile tears will get mommy’s attention.

However, I think most of us can relate to that feeling of fear and excitement, of finally being a big kid and getting to go to school.

Leaving behind the mama bear is never easy, and we’re sure if the reporter had asked her how she felt, her response wouldn’t have been all too different.


10-Month-Old Copycat Thinks Dad Is Hysterical

When you are the parent of a small child, you always have to be conscious of the things you say and do because your kids are likely to copy your words and actions to a T.

When you are teaching them about manners and and the proper way to say words it can be a really good thing, but if they happen to overhear you talking on the phone or catch you right as you stub your toe, you might be in for some trouble, as Jimmy Kimmel proved when he sent his crew to ask kids about the worst things they’ve heard their parents say.

When they are still at the age when they are going to copy you, the best thing to do is have a little fun with it!

You can teach them your killer dance moves, funny animal noises, and silly expressions, or you could do what Nathaniel did with his daughter, Phoebe, and kill a little time in the car, while also recording memories to share with loved ones!

According to daddy, 10.5-month-old Phoebe is known to do this adorable little head bob to try and keep herself awake, but when she notices him doing it too, the giggles are unstoppable.


30 More Times The Barber Knew Exactly What You Wanted

When you’re a sassy white girl at heart:


When you take a look at your life, and realize there’s nothing left:


When Drake really speaks to you:


When you let the barber take the wheel:


When you’re tryna give the world a sneak peek:


When you just can’t stop living in the past:


When you’ve given up:


When life let you down:


When you got two lives to live:




When you love Dumb And Dumber:


When you’re just coming into your sexuality:


When you’ve been sexual for a while:


When you’re a man of few words:


When you’re a man of many:


When you need a little “something more”:


When you’re a masochist:


When you’re a complainer:


When you’re stuck in the 2000’s:


When gaming is life:


When you need a vacation:


When you let life get you down:


When you need just a little extra height:


When you want to look your freshest:


When you’re a vegan:


When you’re all about that dough:


When you just discovered The Farmers’ Almanac:


When Deep Blue Sea is your favorite movie:


When you totally stopped giving AF:


When the barber didn’t know what you wanted. Not even a little. Not even at all:


Marines Have Pillow Fight On Flight Home

The Marines in this hilarious videos might be acting silly, but when you realize why they’re being so funny, you’ll quickly find your heart filling up with pride and your eyes will suddenly find tears streaming out!

It starts off simply enough, a group of Marines are soaring high up in an airplane, thousands and thousands of feet in the sky; but they all seem to share the same, high level, excitable energy. You just have to feel sorry for the flight crew who have to clean up, because those Marines are all making a ruckus and screaming at the top of their lungs, having a hundred person pillow fight in the funniest of fashions!

The guys in the front aren’t even paying attention to exactly who they’re throwing their pillows at; they just keep throwing the pillows and blankets as hard as they can behind them.

It seems like just a bunch of young people letting their energy out, but then it all makes sense: these Marines are all on a plane flight home. After months of being in Iraq, these Marines are all celebrating in the best way possible! It’s great to see what the brave men and women are doing before they get off the plane to be welcomed home by their families!

Our favorite moment is when one of them jokingly yells out, “If you don’t quit throwing pillows we’re going to Afghanistan!”

We just love watching this video of Marines having some fun after months of being so far away from home.