Hur svenskar får en iPhone 7 för bara 1 kronor. Apple kan nu locka användare tillbaka användare genom att erbjuda billiga iPhones.

Stora företag kan vara galna. Och ibland på egen bekostnad. Om du bor i Sverige och vill ha en helt ny iPhone 7 kan det här vara den mest spännande artikeln du någonsin läst.

Apple ger bort helt nya 128 GB iPhone 7 till svenska medborgare för 1 kronor. Ja du läste rätt – 1 kronor. Detta är en del av en särskild kampanj som Apple arbetar på tillsammans med sin betrodda distributionspartner för att ge bort iPhone 7 nästan helt utan kostnad!

Varför gör de den här galna kampanjen? Marknadschefen Joel Branson förklarar: “Förra året minskade Apples marknadsandel i Sverige med 35% och hamnade på efterkälken bakom Googles Android-värld. Apple kan nu locka användare tillbaka användare genom att erbjuda billiga iPhones som gör dem till återvändande Apple-kunder som också kommer att berätta för sina vänner om Apple. ”

Låter det för bra för att vara sant? Det är vad 29-åriga Filippa Hedqvist från Stockholm tänkte. Men hon bestämde sig för att ge det ett chans och fick hennes 1 kr iPhone 7 med posten ett par dagar senare.

Filippa förklarar:”Först trodde jag det var bara en annan Interne- bluff, men sedan jag gjorde en del efterforskningar och såg att är ett legitimt kampanjföretag. Jag bestämde mig för att riskera 1 kronor. Det är mindre än en måltid ändå. 3 dagar senare kollar jag min post och blir superglad över att se en skinande ny låda med en Apple-logotyp på.”

Tydligen är denna detta “praktiskt taget kostnadsfria” PR-taktik vanlig bland stora företag med stora marknadsföringsbudgetar. Till exempel lanserade McDonalds en liknande kampanj i 2015 när de gav bort 20 000 gratis hamburgare genom Facebook.

When Dachshunds Line Up For A Race In The Pool, The Outcome Is Unexpectedly Cute

The dog days of summer may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with your pups in the sun! This family got the bright idea to race all of their dachshunds in the pool…and the result? It’s insanely cute.

Keep your eye on the little guy to the left. He’s a ringer.

Only one dog came in first place, but we’re all winners for having watched that.

They Call It ‘Dead Dog Beach’ — But These Sad Strays Refuse To Give Up On Life

On the southeast coast of Puerto Rico, a beach has become popular among locals for one heartbreaking reason. Given the gut-churning nickname “Dead Dog Beach,” the sands are a frequent dumping ground for unwanted animals.

Treated like the litter and trash they’re surrounded by, dogs roam the area scrounging for whatever they can find to fill their hungry bellies. Thankfully, a group of dedicated humans are doing their best to help each and every one of the poor pups.

They have no shelter, no food, and no affection in their lives.


The trash that surrounds them also contains the bones of those who couldn’t survive.


Their tragic situation touched the heart of one woman who decided to take action.


Chrissy Beckles founded The Sato Project, named after the Puerto Rican slang word for “stray.”


She and her volunteers have rescued over 1,400 dogs from the area.


They treat the dogs for any medical issues and give them time to rehabilitate.


Then they send them to a no-kill shelter in New York where they will be able to find their forever homes.


See more about their amazing project in the video:

Even when Beckles isn’t fighting for the dogs on the beach, she’s still literally fighting for them as a champion boxer in fundraising matches. They might seem completely unrelated, but Beckles says she gains her strength in the ring by focusing on how strong those pups have to be to survive. And she’ll continue to go round after round until each one is safe.


If Your Curious Dog Is Stung By A Bee…This Is What You Have To Do

No matter what time of year it is, if our dogs are outside, they’re sniffing things, eating things, and all-around being curious about Mother Nature. While summer is coming to a close, you should still be just as vigilant about keeping an eye on them because your pup, along with chasing squirrels, could also get themselves into a little trouble with a small, stinging threat: bees and wasps.

Say your furry friend is sniffing around the garden…


What that really means is that he could be (unknowingly) irritating a bee or wasp.

When a bee or wasp stings, there is a little bit of poisonous venom released.


A bee’s stinger is barbed, and will tear apart from the body, killing the bee and preventing it from stinging more than once. A wasp, on the other hand, doesn’t have a barbed stinger, so your pup’s at more risk. Be careful not to lead her close to a nest!

If your dog IS stung…


First, remove the stinger if there is one. Try to scrape it away with a fingernail or cardboard. Squeezing it with tweezers might squirt more of the venom out.

Then, apply a weak mixture of water and baking soda onto the area to help with the pain.


To keep the swelling down, you can also wrap an ice pack in a towel and hold it to the sting.

If your pooch is stung in the throat or inside of the mouth, you should call your vet.


Swelling in those areas is dangerous for obvious reasons — breathing being one of them.

Another reason to call the vet is if the swelling doesn’t go down within a few days.


You’ll also want to keep a close eye on your fur baby for the hours following the incident to make sure an allergic reaction doesn’t occur. If your pup is stung multiple times or is showing weakness or difficulty breathing, those are signs of a severe reaction and you should go to vet immediately.


And hopefully, they’ll learn to leave the tiny buzzy flying things alone. Now get out there with your pooch and enjoy the rest of the summer (safely)!

The Last Known Rescue Dog From Ground Zero Gets The Treatment She So Deserves

Bretagne, a member of Texas Task Force 1, is the last known living search and rescue dog that worked at ground zero of the World Trade Center 14 years ago. She did a job that no one else could do — that no human could ever complete, and she did it stoically and thoroughly. For her 16th birthday, she returned to New York for a day she’ll never forget…and she deserved every second of it!

Her story will make your heart swell!

Bark Post and Hotels 1 did an amazing job giving this pup a truly unforgettable day. New York thanks her for her service and it’s great that she got to celebrate her sweet 16 in such style!

She Was Away For Too Long, But When Mom Returned — What An Amazing Welcome

There’s a reason dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend. They love humans, especially the ones who cuddle with them, feed them, and walk them. So when one of those people disappears for a long period of time, it’s a bit of a heartbreak.

But when they return home, boy is it glorious. Watch how these golden retrievers greet their mom when she comes back after being away on a long summer trip.

These big puppies couldn’t be any happier! I love how one went to get a toy as kind of a welcome back gift — so cute.

He Came In Terrified Of Humans And With Quills In His Face, But Wait ‘Til The End

Strays face serious dangers every day. On top of fleas, ticks, and worms that feed on their bodies, there’s the threat of cars, unfriendly humans, and other wildlife. This one dog had a fierce run-in with a porcupine. While you might think a big dog would win in this fight, that was not the case here. That’s when Vet Ranch stepped in to help this very timid pooch.

Piney will go home with the woman who brought him in until a perfect forever home can be found for him. I hope that he continues to learn to love humans, and that he finds a wonderful home!

To help fund more happy endings like this one, you can donate to Vet Ranch on their website. You can also follow Dr. Matt on Instagram and Facebook.

No One Loves Watching The U.S. Open More Than This Dog

The U.S. Open is one of the biggest tennis events in the world. The annual competition has drawn in millions of viewers over the years, and its popularity is only growing. Both casual and hardcore tennis fans tune in every year to see the best players in the world compete for the coveted prize.

But this fan is a bit out of the ordinary. As it turns out, dogs can be sports fans, too! Check out this adorable tennis lover in action.

No one can deny that dog’s dedication! He’s more of a fan than I am, and I actually understand the sport. I bet Venus and Serena would love to hang out with their biggest four-legged fan.

After Living Her Life In A Cage, This Bull Terrier Finally Discovers What A Bed Is

Millie, a 7-year-old bull terrier, spent her life in a cage, giving birth to puppies. She never had a real home…or even proper veterinary care. Thanks to the Pibbles & More rescue, she was saved from that life of servitude.

And now she’s finally experiencing happiness for the first time.

Jill Stafford kindly brought Millie into her own home, fostering her alongside her own dogs. At first, Millie was confused.


She didn’t understand how to play with toys. Being a part of a family was new to her.

With a little bit of love and patience, Millie began to understand what it was like to have a home.


And when she was able to feel a warm, soft bed for the very first time? She was overcome with doggy joy.


She can’t even!

Source: Rescue dog experiences a bed for the first time by staffoja on Rumble

If you’re interested in adopting Millie yourself, check out her online adoption listing. (You can fill out an adoption form online, too, at Pibbles & More’s website.) Hopefully, Millie quickly finds a home. She’ll make a great cuddle buddy in bed!