Before This Pool Gets Drained At The End Of Summer, Something Adorable Happens

The dog days of summer may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun with our four-legged friends in the sun! One outdoor swimming pool in Calgary, Canada, had the brilliant idea of inviting local dog owners to bring their pups over for the last day of the season. The dogs had an incredible time taking a plunge in the pool and best of all, it helped raise money for a charity.

I’m super jealous I didn’t get an invite to this adorable day of fun, but I guess I can settle for watching the video a few more times.

This Dog Has The Funniest Reaction When He Sees His Own Shadow. What A Goofball

Ever seen a dog chase its tail? It’s funny…but this is even better. When this adorable German shepherd looks at the floor and sees his own shadow, he simply doesn’t know what to do. First he paws at it, whines…even has his owner try to “help” him. But the best part comes near the end…

It looks like his shadow will live to fight another day! He was a worthy adversary.

Our advice, don’t tell this fluffy guy about that pesky tail that keeps following him around. We wouldn’t want him chasing two unreasonable things!

When Her Own Puppy Passed Away, This Mom Adopted An Unlikely Group Of Babies

The night Penny the Chihuahua gave birth to a stillborn puppy, she sobbed at her loss. With tears streaking down her eyes and snout, she mourned for her poor baby. That’s when her owners knew they had to trysomething to lift her spirits. They called everyone they knew to see if there was a puppy anywhere in need of a mom.

Well, they found some babies, but they weren’t of the canine variety. They wondered: could animals from different species love each other like mother and child? They decided to give it a shot…

Dale Fulk and Jeffery Mullins, the owners of Penny and the five kittens, describe their relationship like this: “You’ve heard it said that blood is thicker than water, well love is thicker than blood.”

After viewing how incredibly close Penny and her new kittens already are, we’re 100% sure they’re right!

When They Slapped Some Boots On Their Dog’s Feet…Hilarity Ensued!

When they slapped a pair of booties on this dog’s back two legs, they only wanted to get him used to the idea that winter is coming. His paws would be so much warmer with them wrapped in boots. But only seconds after putting them on, they realized the futility of their goal.

Watch what he does with his front two bootless paws…you’ll be laughing at his genius in no time!

The lesson here: when a dog hates something enough, they’ll do just about anything to avoid it. That being said, he does do a pretty great front handstand!

This Worried Pup Couldn’t Find Her Toy, So She Went Searching Everywhere!

This adorable golden retriever is obsessed with her teddy bear. So much so that when her favorite toy isn’t by her side she gets awfully worried.

To test just how much she loves her teddy, the dog’s owners set up a little sting operation to see if they could catch her on camera searching for (and possibly rescuing) the stuffed toy.

How cute was that?! It’s like she’s got a little homing beacon in her teddy for extreme situations like this.

The Tricks This Dog Can Do Will Leave Your Jaw On The Ground

We’ve all seen the traditional agility training, usually reserved for collies or shepherds. The canine competitions are set up in big arenas with stadium seating, where spectators can politely watch from the sidelines. Shiny awards are given to the fastest, most accurate pups, and they get their picture taken with their well-groomed coats and brand-new trophies.

Dogs are very athletic animals, capable of learning super-impressive tricks, but you hardly see such dexterity outside of the agility course. Unless we’re talking about TreT, an American Staffordshire terrier. He’s taken agility training to a whole new level, pushing the boundaries in urban settings and using the space around him rather than a contrived course. You could call it parkour, but TreT-Style might be more appropriate.

TreT and his owner, Elchaninov Eugene, live in Ukraine, but they travel all over the world to train and play in different environments.


Watch a day in the life of this parkour pup:

It’s so clear that TreT loves to train, and it just goes to show how smart, talented, and agile many dog breeds can be if you just put in a little effort. While TreT has an aggressive, go-getter attitude as an athlete, he’s never been malicious towards people. His owner and parkour buddies say he’s the sweetest pup they’ve met.

For more tricks from TreT, you can like his Facebook page or check out his website, where you can also find tips on how you can train your dog.

When I Saw How This Dog Helps A Little Girl Get Around Her School, I Teared Up

Not long ago, 11-year-old Bella Burton was clinging to crutches. The little girl was born with Morquio syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects bone growth and greatly limits mobility. After numerous surgeries and myriad therapies, she still struggled to walk without her crutches or a wheelchair.

But all that changed after Bella met George — a 131-pound really great dane who’s not only her service dog, but also her best friend.

It’s so inspiring to see how strong and brave Bella is, and what a gentle, caring giant she has for a friend.

Dog Refuses To Leave The Side Of His Dying Friend, Showing True Canine Loyalty

When Samuel Flores was driving by Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery recently, he saw something that made him pull over immediately. A dog was solemnly standing guard over his dying friend — we can only imagine he didn’t want his buddy to pass through to the next life alone.

Turning to Facebook, he hoped to enlist the aid of shelters willing to come out and help the dogs. Luckily, Julie Fennell, a local animal lover and advocate, was nearby and jumped into action.

Staying with his friend who appeared to have been hit by a car, this loyal dog not only provided comfort but also dragged him off the road away from further harm.


The gentle giant was so dedicated to his best friend.


So vigilant was he, that when Fennell first approached, he barked for her to stay away. He needed to protect his friend.


When he could see that she only meant to help, he relented.

Fennell loaded the two dogs into her car and took them to Dallas Animal Services. This was how he thanked her.


Proving his loyalty, this incredible dog reminds us that love is not something that exists only in humans.

If you’d like to help fill the void left in this poor pup’s heart, share this story with your friends, especially in the Dallas area. Finding a forever home is a gift we can give him for his incredible deed. Visit SPIN Rescue, an organization that focuses on matching great Pyrenees dogs with loving homes.


Stampede Of Golden Retriever Puppies Tumble Down A Slide And Right Into Our Hearts

Training puppies can be hard work. Extremely adorable hard work. Especially when they’re fluffy, wriggly golden retriever puppies.

As a way to help socialize them, this litter of of golden puppies at Enchanted Retrievers are given an obstacle to tackle before their feeding time. The result is one adorable stampede that comes to a momentary halt as the puppies take turns going down a slide. Some even need a friendly nudge to make it to the bottom in time for dinner.

I just love how brave the first little puppy is. Diving head-first towards that delicious food bowl.