A Big, Bad Boxer Is So Afraid Of The Tiniest Feather — I Can’t Stop Laughing

Next time you see a big, terrifying dog barking at you, remember this story. Because after you watch a big, bad boxer nervously approach a feather of all things, you’ll know his bark is certainly worse than his bite. No matter how fast you end up running away to avoid it!

Don’t worry little…err…big guy. Us non-scary humans will muster up the courage to protect you from the terrifyingly fluffy feather!

This Former Vegas Leopard Playing With His New Toy Is The Most Adorable Thing

In 2007, Zorro the leopard was turned over to Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary after a lifetime of performing on Vegas stages. Like most animals in Zorro’s unfortunate position, he was declawed as a cub, most likely without anesthesia and not by a real veterinarian.

If you don’t know the truth about the procedure that’s regularly done on both big and domestic cats…it’s not just like a nail trim. The entire first bone gets completely cut off, and it can cause pain for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, the claw will still grow through the skin, making walking extremely painful, let alone playing, running, and jumping.

Luckily for Zorro, he doesn’t experience any pain.


And as you can see, he’s not unlike house cats…he loves cardboard boxes!

Thank goodness Zorro doesn’t have any problems with his paws, and that his previous owner found the good in his heart to surrender his performance partner to the sanctuary. Unfortunately, not all animals in the cruel business are so lucky, and many more live a life of pain, performing tricks they’re forced to do over and over again. You can donate to Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary to help animals like Zorro who have suffered.


Their Dogs Needed A Warm House For Winter, So This Family Put Something Epic Together

Winter is coming.

Even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll understand the reference: it just means that winter is literally coming. It’s getting colder outside, the leaves have fallen…and our four-legged friends hate going outside to go potty.



To help out their three dogs, Highway 20 Productions decided to build a brand-new dog house with enough room for them all. They didn’t throw together your average pooch barn, though. They installed heat lamps, insulation, a porch, multiple doors, and named it the Dog Mahal.

Even I would love to live in here.

Now, doing their business outside is as simple as going to the yard of their giant doggy mansion…and then warming up inside of it once they’ve finished. Lucky pups.

He Was Hit By A Car, Paralyzed, And Left For DAYS To Die…Yet He Walks Again

Lawson, a stray dog, was crossing a street in Istanbul with the hope of finding something to eat in a heap of trash, when he got hit by a car. He was instantly paralyzed in his hind legs, but no one thought to come to his rescue. This poor pup was left by the side of the road in excruciating pain for days before someone finally called the local shelter. He’Art of Rescue took in the young dog, barely a year old, and they’re giving their all to bring him back good health.

This is Lawson…


But when rescuers found him…well, you better grab a box of tissues for this one:

But Lawson still needs your help!

You can donate right now to help support the costs of his recovery, or you can even apply to adopt this poor guy at the bottom of this page. He has so much love to give. He’Art of Rescue facilitates international adoptions, as long as the family is a good fit for a special needs dog.

It’s a tragedy that this ever happened…but I hope Lawson finds a loving forever home to live out the best years of his life!

He’s Rubbing Steel Wool On His Windshield — But The Reason Is Brilliant

Driving around in rainy, gross weather is bad enough, but if your windshield hasn’t been given a good cleaning in a while it can also be seriously dangerous.

This super-simple cleaning hack will keep you and your passengers safe and worry-free with a totally spotless window. His secret tool? Super-fine steel wool. It might sound a little strange to use something so abrasive on your windshield, but trust us…it will make a huge difference.

Depending on how many birds like to hang around your car, this cleanup is a total breeze. Time to move those steel pads out of the kitchen and into the garage.

Truths Every Dog Owner Knows Their Pup Truly, Wholeheartedly Believes

Dog owners know that each adorable pup comes with its own unique personality, habits, and quirks. But they also know that some things are simply universal, no matter what type of pooch you bring into your home.

These hilarious thoughts have definitely crossed every dog’s mind at one point or another. Whether they’re actually true or not doesn’t matter to their silly little brains.



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When Daddy Doberman Sees His Litter, He Tries To Step In As Mom

We’ve all seen mama dogs loving their litters, but dads rarely get in on the action. This doberman, however, is no ordinary doggy dad! He just can’t get enough of his pups, and I’m sure mom doesn’t mind the much-needed reprieve.

Check out all of the preciousness in the video below!

How cute is that? I’m sure mom loves the extra help, but this guy had better not try to take her Mother’s Day gifts!

A Dog Kept Appearing In Her Yard, Then He Showed Up With A Note On His Collar…

One day, a woman saw a dog hanging around in her yard. He looked healthy, so she knew that he had a home and was getting fed, but when she started to walk back to her house after saying hello…he followed her.

He just looked so tired, so she let him come into her home.


He immediately plopped down, made himself comfortable, and fell fast asleep.


After he had a nice nap, he casually got up and went back home.


Then, this kept happening for a few weeks!

While the woman was alright with the pup catching some zzz’s in her house, she wanted to know why he didn’t do that in his own home…


So she wrote a note asking why he kept leaving home, and attached it to his collar.

The next day, he had a new note on his collar, and this is what it said:


With six kids running around and screaming all the time, who could blame him for wanting to get out every now and again?!

Alto The Dog Fiercely Battles The Waves At The Beach — Too Freaking Funny

A day at the beach is meant to be full of relaxation and tranquility, but this silly pup has something less peaceful in mind when he sees the waves crashing onto the sand.

The hilarious little guy, a white Swiss shepherd named Alto, doesn’t seem to trust the frothy waters and decides to go on the attack. You show them who’s boss, buddy.

The battle may be over, but something tells me this war isn’t finished yet. He’ll get the best of those waves next time, for sure.

22 Animals Who Are Totally Psyched About Experiencing New Things

There’s nothing like making a new, happy discovery. Your brain feels like it’s expanded with the awesomeness and your whole world feels bigger. And if you’re one of these adorable cats and dogs, you’re really stinkin’ cute while it happens.

Whether it’s seeing the outside world for the first time or the first beautiful bite of a tasty treat, these sweet faces are totally stoked about their new experiences.

1. “Race you to the boardwalk and back again!”


2. “I expect this for every meal now.”


3. “What beautiful magic is this?”


4. I’d smile like that if I knew I didn’t have to row, too.


5. Someone’s smitten!


6. “Holy crap. This weird room MOVES!”


7. “You got dad’s credit card, right?”


8. She gave them all their own names.


9. “Oh my God, nature is AWESOME!”


10. Savoring his first taste of freedom.


11. “What was that flying thing?” “I don’t know, but we should definitely attack it.”


12. This happy thought will have him flying for days.


13. “Well, hello handsome.”




15. “We’re TWINS!”




17. “Let’s sail around the world, bro.”


18. “This is a nice rectangle. I’ll be here all summer.”


19. “It’s even softer than me!”


20. “This…is…the BEST THING EVER.”


21. “I am water. I am life. I am one with nature.”


22. “Oh, wow! They still have their Christmas lights up across the street!”


Watching those sweet lil faces light up is probably the best perk of being a pet owner. And luckily, there’s always something new waiting around the corner for them to uncover!