McDonald’s anställd valt att avgå på ett fantastiskt sätt!

Det som de flesta tror inte kan hända, hände på en McDonalds restaurang i Stockholm. Den 19-årige Stefan Kruse från Solna, började liksom många andra studenter, att arbeta deltid på McDonalds. Men inte mindre än fyra timmar senare hade han sagt upp sig och gått hem som en förmögen student och han bestämde sig för att säga upp sig ifrån snabbmatskedjan på ett briljant sätt.

Stefan hade redan spenderat många månader på att söka det idealiska studentjobbet där han kunde tjäna bra pengar. Han arbetade bland annat som deltidsbrevbärare för TNT och på den lokala affärskedjan Plus. Han såg arbetet mer som en plikt där han räknade ner timmarna varje dag. Men allt förändrades på en vecka.

Medan han surfade på Facebook på lunchrasten fick han, av en händelse, se internetbingosida, vilka gav honom 250 gratissnurr. Med endast 20 minuter kvar på sin rast så testade Stefan. 13 snurr och fem minuter senare hade hans öde förändrats för alltid.

Stefan: “Jag kunde inte fatta det först”, säger Stefan. “Efter en timma kunde jag fortfarande inte fatta hur mycket pengar jag hade vunnit. Jag trodde det var någon sorts skämt som mina kollegor utsatte mig för. Det var inte förrän jag såg kontant-knappen med summan bredvid mitt namn som jag började tro på det.”

Den lycklige vinnaren bestämde sig omedelbart för att säga upp sig, vilket blev en intensiv diskussion mellan restaurangägaren och vinnaren. Vi tror dock att Stefan behöver ett arbete förr eller senare, men han kan ju ha kul fram till dess.

Soldier’s Son Took A School Photo — But When He Sees Who Snuck Up Behind Him? Amazing!

When a third-grader named Joshua was posing for a school photo, he had no idea what incredible surprise stood behind him.

The 8-year-old’s father, Army Corporal James Bass, had returned home from deployment in Kuwait after months of being away from his son. He decided to keep his return date a secret in order to make their reunion even more memorable.

It’s always beautiful to see the ways in which military members surprise their young ones, especially during a normal day at school. When Staff Sgt. Jennifer White showed up during a school assembly in a very unique way, she left her two children speechless. It’s also almost impossible not to tear up when watching Josh Carroll react to his father’s unanticipated return home.

In the video below, Bass decided to make a lighthearted entrance at Pearsontown Magnet Elementary in Durham, NC, by photobombing his child’s school picture. Just wait till you see the young boy’s reaction at the :17 mark and pay attention to his funny comment shortly after. I’m so glad they caught this on camera!

“I got you, didn’t I?” Bass later asks his son.


Her Husband SCREAMS In The Hospital, But The Reason? I Can’t Help But CRACK UP!

Here’s a video that’s going to make every man cringe and every mother crack up!

Most moms want flowers, a home-cooked meal, a nice card or just some quality time with the family for Mother’s Day.  Then there’s Kim Holderness. The matriarch of the Holderness family, who have brought us some absolutely ridiculous videos like this “Back to School” clip, has definitely had some fun on camera in the past few years, but this next video reaches a new level!

When her husband, Penn, and their two kids pitched in for Thanksgiving and made this ridiculous video to go with it, I didn’t think they can get any wackier. However, what Kim requested for Mother’s Day in this next video is so crazy, I couldn’t even believe it was real…until I realized the pain she was putting her husband through just can’t be faked.

Every mom tells men they have no idea what kind of pain going through labor feels like, but only Kim decided to give her husband a little taste. With help from Dr. Sameh Toma of the North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine, Penn was hooked up to a pretty scary machine that simulates the pain of muscle contractions that come with childbirth.

Why he would ever go along with this stunt is a question we may never really learn the answer to — but you have to admit, it’s pretty funny seeing a man go through this for once.


This Little Boy Gets A Serious Case Of The Giggles After Hugging A Girl

Everyone remembers their first crush, but the little boy in the video below is lucky enough to have record of it recorded on film. It turns out that little William has never hugged a girl before; when his parents realized this fact, they just knew they had to get the cameras out as quickly as possible!

It begins with the little boy walking straight to the little girl, arms outstretched for his first hug. The girl opens her arms and shows Will how to do it properly… From that moment on, the little boy cannot contain his utter excitement.

He can’t help but scream and cheer from happiness. The girl, a bit confused at all the noise, tries to turn back to continue what she was doing, but the little boy is too happy to settle for just one hug!

The boy goes back for more hugs and the girl is kind enough to hug him back before going back to her very important project. The boy is absolutely beside himself. Squealing in joy at this point, he finally walks back up to the girl who, at the :56 mark of this adorable video, says flat out how she really feels about all of this hugging.

Make sure to watch this video until the very end, we just love this adorable boy’s response, but the little girl ends up being the jokester! This is just too funny! Who knows, maybe these two adorable toddlers might grow up to get married one day, wouldn’t that just be an amazing video to show off at the reception?



Marines Have Pillow Fight On Flight Home

The Marines in this hilarious videos might be acting silly, but when you realize why they’re being so funny, you’ll quickly find your heart filling up with pride and your eyes will suddenly find tears streaming out!

It starts off simply enough, a group of Marines are soaring high up in an airplane, thousands and thousands of feet in the sky; but they all seem to share the same, high level, excitable energy. You just have to feel sorry for the flight crew who have to clean up, because those Marines are all making a ruckus and screaming at the top of their lungs, having a hundred person pillow fight in the funniest of fashions!

The guys in the front aren’t even paying attention to exactly who they’re throwing their pillows at; they just keep throwing the pillows and blankets as hard as they can behind them.

It seems like just a bunch of young people letting their energy out, but then it all makes sense: these Marines are all on a plane flight home. After months of being in Iraq, these Marines are all celebrating in the best way possible! It’s great to see what the brave men and women are doing before they get off the plane to be welcomed home by their families!

Our favorite moment is when one of them jokingly yells out, “If you don’t quit throwing pillows we’re going to Afghanistan!”

We just love watching this video of Marines having some fun after months of being so far away from home.



This Engaged Couple Recreates An Adorable Scene From ’101 Dalmatians’

Long before couples exchange their sacred vows, many first choose to announce their engagement to friends and family — and some do so in very creative ways!

Engagement photos can come in many forms. Some are sweet and sentimental, others quirky and comical, and some — like the couple who chose to pose in a public bathroom — are downright strange.

But no matter zany, whimsical, or odd, these photos reflect each couple’s individual tastes and interests. They will be kept forever as heartwarming memories, and inspire others to go out and plan their own.

However, the engagement photos you’re about to see are hands-down the best I’ve ever come across! Not only are they incredibly unique, but they’re absolutely adorable too!

Tony Collier and Corinne Jones, an engaged couple from Illinois, recently took a series of photos outdoors. The images they captured perfectly mirrored one of the bride-to-be’s favorite films, a classic children’s movie that first debuted in 1961.

For their engagement photo shoot, these lovebirds chose to go with a theme that was inspired by the classic 1961 Disney film 101 Dalmatians.


Corinne’s cousin, photographer Melissa Biggerstaff, agreed to capture images that would emulate the film’s famous first scene.


And just as the film’s lead characters, Roger and Anita, had their dogs Pongo and Perdita…


…this couple had their family dogs, Mookie and Izabelle, on set with them!


After graduating from college, both Collier and Jones worked at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, FL.


Collier trained at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Jones taught youth groups about the railroad.


“We knew some Disney fans would like our photos, but we were stunned to see just how many!” Jones told Cosmopolitan.com.


The pair now live in Naperville, IL, where they teach special education and music in middle and high schools.


They mirrored the classic opening scene to a T, and even fell into the water together!


The couple has set their wedding date for June 10 of next year, at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL. Congratulations, and best wishes to them both!


Watch the video below to view the beginning scenes of the film, where the animated characters first get introduced.


Mom Plays A Funny Prank On Her Son, But His Reaction Made Me Cry!

Kids seem to expect expensive gifts from their parents these days, as if it’s their God given right to have an iPhone!

This wonderful kiddo from Argentina is the exception to that rule. He asked his parents for a tablet for his birthday, but his parents prank him by wrapping up a lame wooden cutting board. He opens the boring present and actually smiles and thanks them for it at the :20 mark. He’s incredibly polite even though it’s…well…it’s just a cutting board. At 1:29 he rips open his other present, which appears to be a pair of yawn-worthy shoes.

(Everyone knows that kids aren’t excited by presents like socks and shoes, even though they’re not only necessary but costly.)

But wait. There’s more. The shoebox doesn’t contain shoes, and this little boy’s reaction is priceless.

Adults, just like kids, are guilty of being ungrateful for all of the luxuries we have in this world, but this little boy is the exception. Watch as this video goes from hilarious to simply heartwarming in a matter of seconds…Enjoy!



These 33 Parents Have The Best Sense Of Humor EVER. The Last One Is Completely Priceless!

Oh boy can my parents tell bad jokes. They think they’re funny, but after seeing these great parents in action, I can only wish they were half as knee jerkingly funny. Seriously, are your parents as awesome as these?!








OMG that last one was PRICELESS. Parents, you may have won the battle… but you have yet to win the war. Your kids will grow up one day too and god help you if they prank you half as well as you do to them now! Share these hilarious parents by clicking below!

Funny Parrot Adorably Demands Tickles

Bowie, an Indian Ringneck, just loves to be tickled. In fact, he demands it.

In this hilarious video, the parrot sits on the couch and really likes having his belly rubbed. Every time his owner stops, he says, “Tickles! Tickles!” It’s too cute! Have you ever seen anything like this before?! This bird couldn’t be any sweeter if he tried.

“I get the feeling Bowie feels entitled to tickles,” his owner wrote on Peekaboo Parrots’ YouTube channel.

Birds are naturally vocal, mimicking everything from villainous laughter to the Beach Boys. It should come as no surprise that birds rank near the top in intelligence among the animal kingdom.

The family dog, PaiMei, looks on in hopes of getting in on the action, too. And don’t worry, he eventually does!

“Even though Paimei looks desperately jealous, he gets a LOT of his own tickles, hugs and kisses from me!” their owner wrote.

Birds are just as awesome as other pets, as you can tell in the video. Although all animals have unique traits, birds seem to be quite quirky and cheeky.

It’s difficult to watch this without laughing (or at least cracking a smile) because this bird is just too funny! Luckily, his owner turned on his camera and decided to record this moment because it is priceless.

New ‘Funny Or Die’ Skit Parodies School Lunches In Hilarious Video

The American Heart Association (AHA) and comedy site Funny Or Die have joined forces to deliver a hilarious parody of student meals served in schools. Together with comedian Nick Offerman, they point out the absurdity of the lack of healthy foods needed to fuel the developing minds of our kids.

“Welcome to the pizza farm, where we are hard at work growing the ripe, juicy pizzas your kids love,” says an overall-clad Offerman. Chuckling, he asks, “What could be healthier than this?” What, indeed.

Then, we get a tour of the taquito tree orchards, where he’s approached by a little girl who asks for one. “You see, kids know what their bodies need,” scoffs Offerman. Naturally! Children know all about those vitamin and nutrient-rich foods that help their bodies and minds grow. The best is when we watch this fast food farmer pluck a sloppy joe right out of the earth. “These fields produce hot, moist sloppy joes all year round,” he says, “thanks to the nutrients and cola we use to water them.” Ah! The cola, eh? Mother Nature’s untapped resource, no doubt.

“Look,” he concludes, “if it’s on a plant, it’s good for you. Who cares how it got there.”

I could use a fruit and veggie platter just looking at his basket of “freshly picked” pizza slices.