Bird’s Got A Hilarious Reaction When His Dad Plays Elvis

Now this is a viral-worthy video. Mark’s two amazing cockatoos named Stan and Ollie were hanging out in the kitchen when he decided to grab the ‘ol guitar and jam out to some Elvis tunes. A few moments into playing the King’s 1956 song “Don’t Be Cruel,” and I nearly spit out my coffee.

Keep your eyes on the bird on the right. He sways, he dances, he bops, and he head-bangs — and the longer Dad plays through the song, the crazier the bird’s movements become. It’s safe to say he genuinely loves the music, and “feels” it just like us humans do! His more reserved counterpart, however, doesn’t seem to appreciate his brother’s energy. LOL!

It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard while watching a video, but this hilarious bird completely made my day! Trust me, you should only watch this if you’re prepared to completely crack up. I think one YouTube commenter said it best: “This bird got better taste in music than most kids today.”

In addition to being highly intelligent, cockatoos are known for being very expressive — just likethis one that dances better than most people I know.


Bullied Teen Finds Confidence After Befriending A Whip Smart Jack Russell

Brittney Monk always loved animals. She spends her free time drawing cats and dogs. For some reason bullies have teased her because of it since elementary school.

“Everywhere I went, it wouldn’t matter who it was, I don’t even know the people, they would come and say ‘you’re cat girl, or you’re an animal freak,’ or something,” Brittney said.

I have no clue why adoring animals makes someone worthy of ridicule — not that anything really does. Brittney’s mother, Carlisa, began homeschooling her because the bullying got so bad.

Due to Brittney’s lack of confidence, doctors wanted to medicate her. “They want to put her on some medication and I’m not doing that,” says Carlisa.

That’s when Brittney’s grandparents came up with another solution: the unconditional love of a dog. They got her a Jack Russell terrier named Dodge. Dodge can perform over 200 tricks, but perhaps his greatest trick of all is making a bullied girl feel very special.

“He’s helped me emotionally through a lot,” she says.  “Training him brings a smile to my face, seeing him want to do these things and wants to be with me and bond,” says Monk.

Brittney and Dodge remind me of Bruce and and his dog Ruby, who helped him cope with his differences.

With the help of Dodge, Brittney has found new confidence and is ready to show the world there is nothing wrong with loving animals.

“I want him to show everyone how amazing our bond is together, and show everyone who said I was an animal freak for loving animals is wrong and that I can do this, I have my purpose now,” she said.

See their amazing bond and watch Dodge do a few tricks in the video below.


Amazing Dog Stops Poachers And Saves Endangered White Rhino

In countries like Africa, the illegal poaching of animals has become so severe that species are slowly beginning to fade out. One of the animals in particular that is quickly approaching extinction is the highly sought after white rhino.

The animal, which can normally live up to 50 years in the wild and have multiple babies, has been critically affected by the poachers that hunt and kill them, all so that they can strip them of their horns and sell them on the black market for a hefty price.

It is so bad that there is now only one male northern white rhino left in the entire world.

Although companies like Pembient have come up with clever ways to decrease the interest in buying and selling the horns, it is not enough to stop all of the poachers desperate to make some fast cash.

That’s where Diego comes in.

This smart and extremely fast dog is trained to stop poachers in their tracks, and being able to reach speeds of up to 40 mph, he is very effective!

Working with his military trainers, Diego aims to stop anyone who thinks they can get away with killing innocent animals in the hopes that they will one day flourish again.


Doctors Say Knowing These 11 Symptoms Could Save Your Dog’s Life

One of the best ways to spot serious medical problems is by paying attention to what is going on inside your body. Unfortunately, our pets are not able to tell us when something is wrong inside of their bodies — or are they?

Just in the same way that we should be on the lookout for certain symptoms in our own bodies, there are also signs and symptoms that we can observe in our dogs that let us know when something is very wrong.

Veterinary specialist Dr. Justine Lee writes, “Playing doctor to your pets can be dangerous,” and points out that there are many cases “when you must ask a vet.”

But how are we supposed to know when we should be concerned enough with our dog’s symptoms to take him or her to the vet?

While this list should never take the place of medical advice, this is an exclusive look into the signs and symptoms that indicate something major might be wrong.

The most important thing to do when you observe these symptoms in your dog is to get them medical attention. After all, your pet can’t use words to tell you what’s wrong, so it is your job to make sure you get them to someone who can.


Unexplained weight loss in your dog can be a sign of a serious problem that requires a trip to the vet.

Dr. Bari Spielman writes that there could be quite a few serious causes of weight loss in your dog, such as metabolic disorders, neuromuscular diseases, cancer, and heart disease. The loss of weight may also come from dietary causes including a loss of appetite.

While losing a pound here or there shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, if your dog loses 10 percent of their normal body weight, it is a sign that there may be a bigger underlying problem, and a trip to the doctor is definitely warranted.


A significant and prolonged fever in your dog is a sign that something significant may be going on inside their body.

Dr. Karen Becker writes, “If your dog’s temperature spikes, it usually means his body is fighting an infection. The normal temperature in dogs is 100.5 to 102.5°F. If your pet feels warm to you and his temperature is higher than normal, make an appointment with your veterinarian.”

A fever is a sign that your dog could be fighting off something serious. Especially if it accompanies other symptoms, you should take your dog in to see a doctor.


Diarrhea or blood in your dog’s stool should indicate that something might not be right internally.

Dr. Krista Vernaleken writes, “Diarrhea can cause dehydration and can be life threatening to small dogs.” She goes on to say that you should take your dog to the vet if they have blood in their stool. This could be a sign of an ulcer, a parasite, or even colitis and anal gland conditions.

Blood should always mean a trip to the vet, and diarrhea accompanied by any of these symptoms should certainly set off a red flag.


Persistent coughing in dogs is never a normal thing.

Dr. Justine Lee writes, “Dogs don’t get asthma, so coughing could signal bronchitis, pneumonia, a heart problem, or tracheal collapse (when weak cartilage in the airway hinders breathing). Treatments include anti-inflammatories and surgery.”

An infrequent cough shouldn’t necessarily be cause for alarm. However, all pets who experience a persistent cough should be checked out by a vet to rule out some of the more serious possible causes.



A distended belly is when there is abnormal swelling of the stomach area. This should always be taken very seriously.

Dr. Krista Vernaleken says that many of the potential causes of a distended abdomen could be life-threatening. This swelling could be a sign of some kind of hormonal disease, or even internal bleeding.

Not only could this distention be a sign of disease, but the swelling could put pressure on the chest cavity, making it difficult for your dog to breathe. Always seek medical advice when you notice this symptom.

Go to the NEXT page for more vital and surprising symptoms in your dog that you should never ignore!


Sara Moran Helps Injured Dogs Have A Good Life

They say that “every dog has his day,” but after watching this touching video, you’ll be certain that these beautiful little pooches are going to have some pretty fantastic lives ahead of them!

Sara Moran set up her own shelter in Peru to care for all kinds of dogs in need of some tender loving care. Her center, named “Milagros Perrunos” does their very best to ensure that these furry friends are all given the respect that every dog deserves in their life. In the video below, you can see just how selfless Moran truly is. She takes in all kinds of dogs, but the partially paralyzed dogsin the video below are her real miracles.

Whether it be from back injuries (like the beautiful puppy who was injured by a car) or due to amputation; these dogs all have their own struggles dealing with mobility issues. But thankfully, Moran and her shelter have managed to either buy or build specially made wheelchairs so all of these dogs can have their day at the beach!

These beautiful puppies all seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful heart of Sara Moran. Thank goodness for her and her passion for taking care of these injured pets. Were it not for her efforts, these dogs would most likely have been forgotten and abandoned.

Thank you Sara, and thanks to all of the people who volunteer their time, effort, and money in order to help these beautiful animals!


Blind Dog Gets Second Chance After Owners Abandon Him

Jake was found wandering Los Angeles disoriented and alone. When a shelter finally plucked him off the streets, they realized the little dog was completely blind. To make matters worse, Jake’s previous owners were contacted — but they refused to take Jake home because they didn’t want to pay the reclaiming fee of $20. Twenty dollars! Who could be so heartless?!

Jake was officially without a family, and considering his blindness, the chance of him finding a forever home before being put down was slim-to-none. However, he had such an amazing spirit and charming personality that the folks at Doggie Protective Services decided to do whatever they could to give Jake another chance.

Weeks went by, and Jake had been spending a lot of time at local adoption events, hoping someone would adopt him. He kept catching the eye of woman named Heidi, who’d stop by and spend time with the little pup whenever she could. Heidi felt an instant connection to Jake, but she couldn’t take him home because she already had several dogs. But one day, when Heidi saw Jake again, she decided both of their lives would change forever.


Special Donation Found Hidden Inside Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity Box

The charity group Big Brothers Big Sisters is used to getting all kinds of donations from all kinds of people. But when a worker drove up to pick up a week’s worth of clothing and toy donations for children, he had no idea he was going to make the discovery of a lifetime!

As he was clearing out the pounds of heavy clothes he heard a little squeak. At first he assumed the noise was coming from a donated child’s toy, but when they began to see the clothes rustle around and move, they were utterly shocked!

Inside the hot metal box was a darling little baby pit bull. For whatever horrible reason someone actually threw the puppy into the drop box with absolutely no care for the poor creature. Just like the monster who left a puppy inside a garbage bag, there are some rotten people out there with no regard for decency and the respect for all life!

Luckily, this man took the little puppy out and immediately transported him to a local area animal hospital where he’s being taken care of before they find him a good “forever home.”

For whatever reason pit bulls get a bad rep as being “aggressive,” or “bad.” But we’ve seen too many videos, like this pit bull playing in a ball pitt, to honestly say that it’s not the breed of the dog but the actions of their humans! If we treated all of these animals with kindness and respect, the world would be a much better place!

Beautiful Tiny Hummingbirds Eat Directly From Man’s Hand

From time to time, we’ll come across a video that is so utterly beautiful and perfect in every single way that we just have to do everything we can to ensure that you and as many of  your friends as possible get the opportunity to see it, too!

The video below is a perfect example of this. It all begins oddly enough, a man’s hand is holding out two pretty little flowers, one red and one yellow. Everything seems perfectly normal but in just a few seconds you’ll see that there’s a clear reason why this video is going viral, just like the video of a very sleepy hummingbird, these little guys are getting a lot of views on Facebook and YouTube!

Just like the video that featured a group of hummingbirds having a feeding frenzy with their feeder, this video features a similar flock of little angels all fighting around a man’s hand! Have you ever seen something like this in your whole life? We always thought that these little birds were too skittish, but it just goes to show that some people naturally put animals at ease!

We just love their adorable little squeaks! By the end of this heartwarming video we just couldn’t stop smiling at how lucky this man was for being able to feed these little angels!

Pit Bull Survives An Unthinkable Crime, Goes On To Have An Incredible Story

It’s hard to understand why anyone would want to hurt a loving animal like a dog, but unfortunately there are a lot of terrible people in the world who just want to see others suffering more than themselves.

Then, on the other hand, we have amazing heroes like this person, who stepped up and did the right thing when he found a dog crying for help. In a film by Jacob Meyer, who makes incredible YouTube videos like this one of a rescue mission for the organization Pilots N Paws, we learn of a good Samaritan who went above and beyond when he found a dog lying on the ground, practically dead.

Some monster had shot a helpless pit bull at point-blank range with a shotgun. They had aimed to kill, but by some grace from above, the dog, named Timber, was still breathing when he was found. The person rushed them to the non-profit animal hospital Unleashed Pet Rescue, where a vet rushed to save his life.

The doctor was shocked by what he saw. The bullet had entered through the dog’s head, went out through his neck and then pierced the dog again in the leg. There are plenty of negative stereotypes about bully breeds like this pit bull mix, but even if the dog was vicious, it doesn’t make it ok to shoot the dog and leave him suffering in a pool of his own blood.

Luckily, this dog was able to make an incredible transformation and get the happy ending every single creature deserves.