If You Stand Near A Spider Swarm, Make Sure Your Friends Don’t Do This

Most people will go to great lengths to avoid spiders. Those eight-legged monsters are basically harbingers of doom. But there are some people out there who are strangely not bothered by these tiny beasts.

Judging by this video, these people are of the latter variety. What they did is an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, but the girl on the receiving end seems to be cool with what’s going on.

That is one brave woman. I would never put myself through that. I shiver just thinking about someone doing this to me. It’s pretty crazy what some people will do for Internet glory, but is it really worth it?

He Saw Some Bees Near His House, But Never Expected To Find This Inside His Wall

Most homeowners would call the exterminator if they found a massive beehive in their home. After all, who wants to live with a bunch of bees that weren’t invited in the first place?

The sad reality is that bee populations are suffering all over the world, so what this homeowner did is insanely impressive. When he figured out that his walls were filled with bees, he enlisted the help of a beekeeper to ensure that the little bugs left his house, and more importantly, ended up somewhere safe.

It’s really nice that he did that. As for me, I know that these things are endangered, but I’m not sure if I could be that brave.


10 Of The Most Unusual (And Hilarious) Deaths In History

Death is never a funny thing…except when it totally is. Nothing accentuates the frivolity of life more than a funny death story, am I right?

Okay, I know it’s not polite to laugh, but these stories are just too ridiculous. Sometimes life is unfair…and so, so hilarious.

1. In 620 B.C., an Athenian lawmaker named Draco was a pretty popular guy.


He was so popular, in fact, that he suffocated to death under a pile of gifts given to him by locals one night at the theater. Death by swag.

2. A deacon named Lawrence of Rome was roasted alive on a grill in 258 A.D.

(c) Christ Church, University of Oxford; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Supposedly, the man yelled to his torturers, “Turn me over. I’m done on this side.” He is now the patron saint of cooking. Seriously.

3. Edward II of England was killed by his wife Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer in 1327.


They shoved a hot metal rod up his butt, effectively roasting his internal organs. Talk about heartburn.

4. In 1660, Scottish writer Thomas Urquhart died from a serious laughing fit.


Evidently, he found it hilarious that Charles II had become king. This is how I’ll die if Trump becomes president.

5. Adolf Frederick is known to Swedish children as “the king who ate himself to death.”


In 1771, the ruler dined on a meal of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring, and champagne. But it was dessert that really sent him over the edge…all 14 servings of it.

6. In 1926, a 16-year-old Australian boy named Phillip McClean was killed by a cassowary.


He and his friend decided that it would be fun to beat the bird with hammers, so the unhappy cassowary knocked the boy down and cut a blood vessel in his neck. The little abuser eventually bled out.

7. British actor Gareth Jones died while performing a televised version of Underground in 1958.


He died of a heart attack backstage, which wouldn’t have been that odd if his character in the play didn’t die of the same thing. He clearly took his job very seriously.

8. In 1974, a health food advocate named Basil Brown died after consuming 10 gallons of carrot juice in 10 days.


Doctors said that he overdosed on vitamin A, so that’s a thing.

9. Mike Edwards, a cello player for the Electric Light Orchestra, was killed in 2010 when a bale of hay rolled down a hill and crushed him.


That’s one way to go.

10. In 2014, a Belarusian man attempted to take a selfie with a beaver.


The critter, displeased by the whole thing, chomped down on the man’s leg and hit an artery. The man didn’t last long after that.

I don’t wish death upon anyone, but when your time comes, I hope that you leave this world extravagantly. I mean, dying of old age is boring. Everyone does that. Dare to be different, friends.

With Just Some Solo Cups And A Bin, You’ll Never Break Another Ornament Again

It may still feel like summer, but school is starting and before you know it, the holidays will be here! If that’s code for dealing with way too much family for your liking, we can’t help you there. We can, however, solve one common Christmas problem: storing your ornaments easily. Check out the video below for the simplest solution!

Gone are the days of torn tissue paper, cardboard boxes, and other subpar packing solutions. Solo cups are so cheap and last forever!

This Silly Puppy Has The Strangest Plaything Ever, But It’s Really Adorable

Sometimes when you’re little, it’s hard to tell what’s for playing, and what’s not. For dogs, that confusion pretty much lasts a lifetime. They end up stealing shoes, TV remotes, and apparently cleaning implements, like this silly doggie does, for playtime.

He seems to be having a seriously good time!

Whatever makes you happy! As long as he doesn’t destroy the broom, so Mom and Dad can clean up after his shenanigans!

Norway Is A Peaceful Place Today, But It Was Terrorized By Satanists In the ’90s

Modern-day Norway is a beacon for Western civilization. Using any number of metrics, it’s easy to see how truly progressive Norway is as a country. However, like every country on Earth, Norway is not without its flaws or dark spots. It might come as a shock, but one of these dark spots was in the early ’90s, when the country was terrorized by satanists.

In the late 1980s, the thriving Norwegian death metal scene started to turn darker.


The music became heavier. Several guitarists pioneered new ways of voicing chords that gave them a darker tone. The lyrical content of the music referred heavily to satanism. Thus, black metal as a genre was born.

The event that was said to have sparked the black metal genre was the suicide of Per Yngve Ohlin.


Ohlin was the singer of a black metal band called Mayhem. In 1991, after battling depression, Ohlin shot himself in the bathroom he shared with his bandmates. Mayhem’s guitar player, Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, found Ohlin’s body. Instead of calling the police right away, he took a photograph of the scene, and collected bits of Ohlin’s skull from around the bathroom. It’s said that Euronymous made necklaces from those bits of skull and gave them to different people in the black metal scene.

After Ohlin’s death, Mayhem went on and used their singer’s death to gain publicity.


The scene began to pick up steam in Norway and Sweden after that. At the height of the movement, Euronymous opened a record store in downtown Oslo called Helvete, which translates to “hell.” Helvete was where members of the black metal scene gathered. Founding members at the top jokingly called themselves the “Black Circle.”

While Helvete was a meeting ground for black metal fans, it soon started drawing the attention of police.


Because of their staunchly anti-Christian ideology, black metal fans began acting out against the Christian establishment in Norway by burning down churches. The attacks first began in 1992. By 1996, at least 50 churches had been targeted by black metal fans.

But the crimes did not stop there. Several murders were committed by black metal fans during that same time.


In August 1992, the guitar player for black metal band Emperor stabbed a gay man to death in the forest outside the city of Lillehammer.

By 1993, police began watching the Helvete record store. To avoid the publicity, Euronymous shut down the shop.


There were those not happy about Euronymous closing the shop, which came back to haunt him. In August 1993, two black metal musicians drove to Euronymous’ apartment. When they arrived, there was a fight and one of the musicians stabbed Euronymous to death. Police found his body with 23 stab wounds to the head, neck, and chest.

While the black metal scene in modern Norway is still going strong, it’s not nearly as radical as it was during those early days. Still, this was perhaps just as violent, if not more violent, than the hip-hop wars in the U.S. during the same time. Yikes!

They Were Exploring An Old Mine, And They Caught Something Unexpected On Camera

Some of the creepiest places in the world are old caves and abandoned mines. You wouldn’t think ghosts and ghouls would enjoy hanging out in dark caves when there are plenty of houses ripe for haunting, but a wealth of photographic evidence suggests otherwise. I guess it makes sense when you consider how many people have lost their lives working in old, unsafe mines.

Over the summer, Redditor Ecocide and his friends unknowingly came across a cave-dwelling ghost. The group was preparing to explore an abandoned mine in Australia when they decided to snap some pictures.

At first glance, this photo looks completely ordinary.


But take a closer look at the opening…


Do you see what I see?


If you ask me, there appear to be two eyes looking at the hikers from within the cave.

When the photo is enhanced, you can clearly see the shape of something hiding out down there.


Judging from the comments, Ecocide and his friends made it out of the mine alive…but what the heck wasthat thing? Maybe it was just a trick of the light, or some very skilled photo manipulation. Either way, I’m thoroughly creeped out.


This ‘Alien Warship’ Was Seen Over Earth Near The International Space Station

Since 1998, the world has looked towards the International Space Station (ISS) as a promise of humanity’s potential to one day spread across the galaxy. Regardless of whether you feel this is a realistic dream, you have to agree that the ISS is an unparalleled feat of modern engineering. On the ground, we only see the ISS as a tiny speck of light. High up in Earth’s orbit, however, the ISS, whose outside cameras are always running, has seen quite a few bizarre, UFO-like things recently…

The latest ‘odd’ things spotted by ISS cameras were these two large columns of light.


If you were to jump to conclusions, you could easily imagine the beams of light as coming from an alien warship attacking Earth. Sadly, we only got a brief glimpse of the objects before the ISS camera feed cut out. Conspiracy?

As I mentioned earlier, the ISS has been the focus of several unexplained UFO sightings over the last year. NASA has refused to comment on most of them, and the others they’ve dismissed as coincidences.


Yet as the sighting numbers continue to grow, I can’t help but get the sense that something is afoot. Check out the original footage from the ISS camera below.

(via Disclose TV)

I am now officially retiring into my alien-proof bunker while I come up with a plan to create a human resistance force against our new galactic overlords. It’s been nice knowing you…

He Taped An Action Figure To A Drone To Create Something Awesome

It seems like everyone has a drone these days, and they’re being used for all different reasons. YouTuberBarry Craig, for example, used a drone to create his very own superhero movie.

Check out his amazing aerial footage, and be jealous that you didn’t think of doing this first.

After watching this, I’m definitely putting a drone on my wish list. My superhero movie will take all those fancy film festivals by storm.

We All Know That Duct Tape Is Useful, But Did You Know You Can Do THIS With It?

It’s a safe assumption that you have duct tape in your home right now. It’s great for fixing things in a pinch — heck, I currently have some on my air conditioner to keep it insulated. There are tons of uses for this seemingly magical tape, but did you know there are some that we haven’t quite figured out yet?

Thankfully, this guy did all the heavy-lifting and came up with some awesome duct tape hacks that you might not have known about before today!

It’s official: duct tape is the most useful product ever invented. Which hack will you try first?