Collective “Aww” Heard As Puppy Plays with Baby Squirrel

Acollective “Aww” was heard around the world when we all saw this footage!

This cuteness overload started when a family found a tiny, helpless baby squirrel in their backyard. After realizing that her mother had abandoned him, or that the mother had died after a tree fell in their yard, the family carefully nursed the tiny creature back to health, and even aptly named it “Squirrel.” Squirrel was in very bad shape when this family found him, but is now healthy and happy!

In fact, Squirrel is so happy that he fearlessly frolics with the family’s Yellow Lab puppy, Millie!

Just watch how these two get along! And it even seems that Squirrel has a little advantage over Millie. She is very protective of Squirrel, watching over him as he sleeps. It really looks like these two precious animals love one another, and will continue to be friends for a very long time after Squirrel is released back into the wild. This puppy-squirrel friendship definitely reminds us of this adorable sleeping pair, or this maternal cat who cared for an orphaned squirrel.

We’re so happy for these two, and hope that Squirrel fully recovers soon! And we know that with Millie’s help she will.