Funny Parrot Adorably Demands Tickles

Bowie, an Indian Ringneck, just loves to be tickled. In fact, he demands it.

In this hilarious video, the parrot sits on the couch and really likes having his belly rubbed. Every time his owner stops, he says, “Tickles! Tickles!” It’s too cute! Have you ever seen anything like this before?! This bird couldn’t be any sweeter if he tried.

“I get the feeling Bowie feels entitled to tickles,” his owner wrote on Peekaboo Parrots’ YouTube channel.

Birds are naturally vocal, mimicking everything from villainous laughter to the Beach Boys. It should come as no surprise that birds rank near the top in intelligence among the animal kingdom.

The family dog, PaiMei, looks on in hopes of getting in on the action, too. And don’t worry, he eventually does!

“Even though Paimei looks desperately jealous, he gets a LOT of his own tickles, hugs and kisses from me!” their owner wrote.

Birds are just as awesome as other pets, as you can tell in the video. Although all animals have unique traits, birds seem to be quite quirky and cheeky.

It’s difficult to watch this without laughing (or at least cracking a smile) because this bird is just too funny! Luckily, his owner turned on his camera and decided to record this moment because it is priceless.