Gay couple breaks up after boyfriend wins Rand over the phone from his boyfriend and he refuses to share

Over the past few months, online games on mobile phones have become a big trend, making many people rich and also creating many good stories. And this story has to be the best!

27-year-old Rob Cullen was the perfect boyfriend. Loving, kind, attentive, caring and hard working. He was living together with his boyfriend in Pretoria, for a good 4 years already. They were happy and looked set for a good life together. At least it seemed so at the time, but when money was involved his true nature surfaced.

Most people have heard of it; the big trend of online casinos that is now underway. These online slot machines offer people a free starting bonus, but once you want to continue to play you have to pay.

Rob signed up for the free start bonus on one of the most popular casinos at present. When you register and deposit £10 you get 600 free ‘spins’ and up to £500 deposit bonus on the slot machine and he immediately used his first 20 without winning anything.

Later that evening while he was watching Netflix with his girlfriend Eve, he decided to give it another go. Another 10 attempts with no luck. His friend asked him what he was doing and grabbed the phone from him to give it a try. Nothing happened on the first attempt. Second time, again nothing. But on the third try when she pulled the lever, similar images appeared in a row next to each other and the amount of £465.443, – flashed brightly on the screen.

Rob said:”During my lunch break I deposited £20 play money on this website and won £465.443. This was, by far, the most beautiful moment in my life..”

Her friend grabbed the phone from her hands, thinking it was a joke and started clicking on the app. The moment he came to the checkout screen, he saw the same amount again with the option to collect the payout. He could still not believe it but quickly clicked on the button to see if it was really true.

He quickly went to his banking app to check his account. Only when he and his girlfriend saw the amount credited could they believe it. For a few minutes, they danced and jumped around the room with joy. Until the moment when Eve asked; “Will I get half of it?” did the situation turn around completely.

Rob felt that it was his phone and his profile with which the money was earned and that his girlfriend was therefore not entitled to half of the money. The day after they separated and Rob resigned from the bookstore.

Would you have shared the money? Or would you like Rob keep what is yours?

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