Marines Have Pillow Fight On Flight Home

The Marines in this hilarious videos might be acting silly, but when you realize why they’re being so funny, you’ll quickly find your heart filling up with pride and your eyes will suddenly find tears streaming out!

It starts off simply enough, a group of Marines are soaring high up in an airplane, thousands and thousands of feet in the sky; but they all seem to share the same, high level, excitable energy. You just have to feel sorry for the flight crew who have to clean up, because those Marines are all making a ruckus and screaming at the top of their lungs, having a hundred person pillow fight in the funniest of fashions!

The guys in the front aren’t even paying attention to exactly who they’re throwing their pillows at; they just keep throwing the pillows and blankets as hard as they can behind them.

It seems like just a bunch of young people letting their energy out, but then it all makes sense: these Marines are all on a plane flight home. After months of being in Iraq, these Marines are all celebrating in the best way possible! It’s great to see what the brave men and women are doing before they get off the plane to be welcomed home by their families!

Our favorite moment is when one of them jokingly yells out, “If you don’t quit throwing pillows we’re going to Afghanistan!”

We just love watching this video of Marines having some fun after months of being so far away from home.