McDonald’s Employee of the Month Decided to Resign in a brilliant way!

What most people did not think was possible really happened at a local McDonald’s branch in Melbourne. The 21-year-old Stefan K. from Heidelberg West started, like many students, working in a part-time job at McDonald’s. But less than four hours later he resigned and he left as a wealthy student and he decided to resign from the fast food chain in a brilliant way.

Stefan had already spent several months searching for the ideal student job where he could earn good money. He worked as part-timer at Chadstone SHopping Centre and the Crown Entertainment Complex, among others. He saw his work as more of a duty, in which he was counting down the hours every day. But that all changed in around a week.

While he was surfing Facebook during his lunch break, he came across an online bingo site by chance, which gifted him some free spins. With only a few minutes of his break left Stefan gave it a try. 13 spins and five minutes later his destiny had changed forever.

Stefan: “I could not believe it at first”, says Stefan. “After an hour I still could not comprehend how much money I had won. I thought it was some kind of joke that my colleagues were playing on me. Only when I saw the cash out button with the amount next to my name, I began to believe it.”


The lucky winner immediately decided to resign, after which there was an intense discussion between the owner of the restaurant and the winner. We do, however, think that Stefan will have to look for a job again sooner or later, but he can enjoy life until then.

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