Mom Plays A Funny Prank On Her Son, But His Reaction Made Me Cry!

Kids seem to expect expensive gifts from their parents these days, as if it’s their God given right to have an iPhone!

This wonderful kiddo from Argentina is the exception to that rule. He asked his parents for a tablet for his birthday, but his parents prank him by wrapping up a lame wooden cutting board. He opens the boring present and actually smiles and thanks them for it at the :20 mark. He’s incredibly polite even though it’s…well…it’s just a cutting board. At 1:29 he rips open his other present, which appears to be a pair of yawn-worthy shoes.

(Everyone knows that kids aren’t excited by presents like socks and shoes, even though they’re not only necessary but costly.)

But wait. There’s more. The shoebox doesn’t contain shoes, and this little boy’s reaction is priceless.

Adults, just like kids, are guilty of being ungrateful for all of the luxuries we have in this world, but this little boy is the exception. Watch as this video goes from hilarious to simply heartwarming in a matter of seconds…Enjoy!