Oregon Police Are On The Hunt For A Man Known Locally As The ‘Portland Pooper’

Known for its local kooks and eccentrics, Portland is a city as boastful about its weirdness as Long Island is about its loud, obnoxious bullying. But has Portland gotten a little too weird?

Oregon police are on the lookout for a man who locals are calling the “Portland Pooper.” As you can probably guess, the man is accused of defecating regularly in public places.

The poopy perpetrator has returned to the scene of the crime several times this month to defecate on one particular office building.


The office manager set up cameras to catch him in the act.


Unfortunately for the person who had to review this footage, the plan worked.

The video revealed another important piece of evidence.


It appears that this dude is always prepared. He even brings his own toilet paper, which leads us to believe that this is a premeditated act of nastiness.

If you can stomach it, check out this footage of the Portland Pooper in action:

I’ve never heard of taking a vengeful poop before, but this guy clearly has something against the owner of that building. Portland is a weird place, but I don’t think that its residents necessarily want their city to smell like a music festival. That may be taking it too far, sir.