Pregnant Mom Decides To Do THIS During Labor, Now I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Who knew giving birth could be… fun?

Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but the woman you’re about to meet makes labor look a lot less painful. As her contractions were around 2-3 minutes apart, this mom-to-be opted for a pain management solution that left her with a serious case of the giggles.

We’ve seen the hilarious results of laughing gas when used during wisdom tooth extractions, but now it’s becoming a popular option for women giving birth. That’s because nitrous oxide allows a mom to still feel the pain of childbirth while taking the edge off. Many other developed countries have been offering it to women in labor for decades, but now laughing gas is making a comeback in the states.

Kerry Dixon, Clinical Director Minnesota Birth Center, says, “Not only does it have pain-management properties, it also has this anti-anxiety component.”

While it doesn’t remove 100% of the pain, like an epidural or narcotics, Dixon says nitrous oxide is safe and less complicated. Instead of needing someone to administer and monitor an epidural, Mom administers nitrous oxide herself. When she’s done, it leaves the system immediately.

It’s also cheaper. An epidural can cost up to $3,000, while nitrous oxide is less than $100.

“I instantly felt relaxed,” a mother named Shauna Zurawski told ABC News. “Before, I was so tense. I was fighting against the contractions, which definitely wasn’t good. But after the laughing gas, my body was able to do what it was supposed to. It was so neat.”