Shakes The Kitten Is A Little Different, But To Us, She Is Perfect

It’s easy to see where Shakes the kitten got her descriptive moniker from as soon as you meet her. She has a neurological condition known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia. Basically, it causes her to be in a constant state of tremors and shaking.

But what really makes the sweet girl so special is how she refuses to let that stop her from enjoying her life. She is just as playful as any other eight-week-old and tackles the adventures of the world head-on. Shakes was rescued by World For All, a shelter in Mumbai, India, that helps stray animals find homes.

Watch the video to see all of her sweet personality:

Shakes may be a little clumsier than the average kitten, but that only makes her that much cuter. Whichever lucky human brings her home will have a lifetime of happiness with this sweetie around.

If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful organization, visit their website, or you could also considerdonating.