She Puts A Carrot In Her Mouth. But Wait For What The Giraffe Does At :10. Hilarious!

Animals sure love to eat — and they usually have no problem snatching some food whenever they get the chance.

Remember Daisy the horse, who broke into a barn one night and devoured all the food to her owner’s dismay? If that’s not enough proof of their massive appetite, there’s also a hilarious compilation of a variety of animals, including cats, squirrels, and dogs, as they find ways to steal food.

In the video below, the situation is slightly different because the woman is instructed to put a carrot in her mouth knowing that the giraffe will reach for it. In turn, it’s no surprise that the adorable animal is quick to grab the vegetable without any hesitation.

But, in this case, it’s the woman’s reaction at the :06 mark that is worth every second of your time. I seriously had to rewind it several times because I couldn’t stop laughing at what she does.

What’s even funnier is how the giraffe isn’t even the slightest bit bothered. Wait till you see what he tries to do at the :10 mark. It’s clear he only has one thing on his mind: food!