Soldier Returns From Iraq To Surprise Daughter At School Spelling Bee

When Skylar Johnson participated in her school’s spelling bee at Boca Raton Elementary in Florida, little did she know that she would be receiving a special surprise!

After a few rounds, the moderator asked Johnson to spell “sergeant.” When the little girl says the final ‘T’ into the mic, the teacher asks if she knows any sergeants, to which the 9-year-old student replied, “My dad.”

“Your dad? Wow, her dad is a sergeant,” her teacher told the class. “That’s kind of funny, because today we have a very special sergeant here.”

That’s when the curtain opens behind her, revealing her father, Sergeant Johnson, dressed in his National Guard uniform. Cue waterworks! She had not seen her father for over a year, so thesurprise homecoming was pretty emotional. The pair sobs uncontrollably as they embrace on stage.

Sergeant Johnson only had nine days to spend with his family before returning to Iraq, so he decided to plan the elaborate surprise for his daughter.

After the reunion, the father and daughter spoke to several news outlets. Skylar admitted this was the best birthday gift ever.

“I really hope he didn’t get me a present, because this one, you can’t beat it,” she said.