Soldier’s Son Took A School Photo — But When He Sees Who Snuck Up Behind Him? Amazing!

When a third-grader named Joshua was posing for a school photo, he had no idea what incredible surprise stood behind him.

The 8-year-old’s father, Army Corporal James Bass, had returned home from deployment in Kuwait after months of being away from his son. He decided to keep his return date a secret in order to make their reunion even more memorable.

It’s always beautiful to see the ways in which military members surprise their young ones, especially during a normal day at school. When Staff Sgt. Jennifer White showed up during a school assembly in a very unique way, she left her two children speechless. It’s also almost impossible not to tear up when watching Josh Carroll react to his father’s unanticipated return home.

In the video below, Bass decided to make a lighthearted entrance at Pearsontown Magnet Elementary in Durham, NC, by photobombing his child’s school picture. Just wait till you see the young boy’s reaction at the :17 mark and pay attention to his funny comment shortly after. I’m so glad they caught this on camera!

“I got you, didn’t I?” Bass later asks his son.