Tabitha The Dog Finds Her Way Home Thanks To One Lucky News Broadcast

Most dog-owners agree that their lives would be a lot emptier without their pets. After all, there’s a reason we call them ‘Man’s Best Friend.’

Though dogs served a more utilitarian purpose back in the day, these days most owners and handlers consider their pups to be members of the family, even brave hero dogs like Yolanda who are full-time service animals.

That was definitely the case for Missouri resident Kelly Schaefer, who has always cherished her sweet Bichon/poodle mix Tabitha. Not only is she a great dog, but — like the Great Pyrenees who brings smiles to patients in the hospital—she has also been very therapeutic for Kelly’s husband Alfred, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Then, this past Wednesday, Alfred wandered off, and Tabitha came with him. A distraught Kelly took off after her family, but ultimately had to make a choice when she realized that the pair got separated from one another along the way.

“I had a decision to make and it was either get my husband or my dog. I couldn’t get both,” said Schaefer.

With Alfred home safe, Kelly began putting up posters, and even enlisted a local news crew to help her with her story. When the broadcast aired on local cable, she got an almost instantaneous response.

It turns out that one furry pair of ears were listening to her broadcast. Tabitha had been found by a local family, and responded immediately when she heard mom’s voice on the TV! The family realized that she must be the dog from the news, and called Kelly up.