They Call It ‘Dead Dog Beach’ — But These Sad Strays Refuse To Give Up On Life

On the southeast coast of Puerto Rico, a beach has become popular among locals for one heartbreaking reason. Given the gut-churning nickname “Dead Dog Beach,” the sands are a frequent dumping ground for unwanted animals.

Treated like the litter and trash they’re surrounded by, dogs roam the area scrounging for whatever they can find to fill their hungry bellies. Thankfully, a group of dedicated humans are doing their best to help each and every one of the poor pups.

They have no shelter, no food, and no affection in their lives.


The trash that surrounds them also contains the bones of those who couldn’t survive.


Their tragic situation touched the heart of one woman who decided to take action.


Chrissy Beckles founded The Sato Project, named after the Puerto Rican slang word for “stray.”


She and her volunteers have rescued over 1,400 dogs from the area.


They treat the dogs for any medical issues and give them time to rehabilitate.


Then they send them to a no-kill shelter in New York where they will be able to find their forever homes.


See more about their amazing project in the video:

Even when Beckles isn’t fighting for the dogs on the beach, she’s still literally fighting for them as a champion boxer in fundraising matches. They might seem completely unrelated, but Beckles says she gains her strength in the ring by focusing on how strong those pups have to be to survive. And she’ll continue to go round after round until each one is safe.