This Little Boy Gets A Serious Case Of The Giggles After Hugging A Girl

Everyone remembers their first crush, but the little boy in the video below is lucky enough to have record of it recorded on film. It turns out that little William has never hugged a girl before; when his parents realized this fact, they just knew they had to get the cameras out as quickly as possible!

It begins with the little boy walking straight to the little girl, arms outstretched for his first hug. The girl opens her arms and shows Will how to do it properly… From that moment on, the little boy cannot contain his utter excitement.

He can’t help but scream and cheer from happiness. The girl, a bit confused at all the noise, tries to turn back to continue what she was doing, but the little boy is too happy to settle for just one hug!

The boy goes back for more hugs and the girl is kind enough to hug him back before going back to her very important project. The boy is absolutely beside himself. Squealing in joy at this point, he finally walks back up to the girl who, at the :56 mark of this adorable video, says flat out how she really feels about all of this hugging.

Make sure to watch this video until the very end, we just love this adorable boy’s response, but the little girl ends up being the jokester! This is just too funny! Who knows, maybe these two adorable toddlers might grow up to get married one day, wouldn’t that just be an amazing video to show off at the reception?