This Woman Had The Funniest Encounter With A Wild Hog

Despite the myths that exist about pigs, they are actually very intelligent animals and hold some behaviors that are quite similar to human pets.

Like dogs and cats, some pigs can even be trained to perform impressive tricks, like the one who knows how to roll out a carpet. There’s also the pig who can put a puzzle together.

The hog in the video below is another example of their intelligence. It also proves that they are also pretty hilarious creatures.

As a woman was enjoying some time in the sun on a beach, she started interacting with two baby pigs. Seconds later, a wild hog crept up behind her and did something so unexpected and comical.

One commenter on the YouTube video suggested that the wild hog was simply protecting her babies. This could certainly be true since hogs are very protective of their offspring.

Like other mammals, hogs share a very strong bond with their babies. According to the Humane Society, “Piglets can distinguish between their own mother’s voice and that of other sows.”

Whether or not this hog was protecting her babies, I couldn’t stop laughing, especially because of the noise the animal made in the process.