When Everyone Thought This Fox Was Dead, A Kind Soul Gave Her A Chance

Busy highways are no place for wild animals to be wandering around nearby. Unfortunately, the poor things still find themselves the victims of unintentional road rage all too often.

That was the sad case for this sweet fox found by side of the road. She was barely breathing and her rescuers weren’t sure if she would recover. They considered humanely putting her down and out of her misery, but a miracle happened instead.

The woman who found her contacted the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary for assistance.


Volunteer drivers arrived and carefully rushed the fox to their facilities.


They immediately began treating her injuries, which included a head wound, and hoped for the best.


Now going by Tammy, the cutie continued to grow stronger every day.


And soon enough, she was able to stand on her own four paws again!


She even made a new fox friend, Todd, who was also recovering from automobile-inflicted injuries.desktop-1441723310[1]

Watch the video for more of her incredible recovery:

Thank goodness for all the kind people who refused to give up on this sweet girl. All she needed was a fighting chance to prove just how strong she is.